Sunday, September 18, 2005

Welcome to Vindy's Picks

Vindy's Picks is a semi-serious, semi-tongue-in-cheek forecast of the weekly AP Top 25 college football teams against the Las Vegas pointspread. Vindicator is, however, a fan of most major sports and frequently tries to include his thoughts on various happenings year-round! I started this blog for the first time this season already a couple of weeks into the 2005 college football campaign. Keep in mind, this all just good-clean fun and I apologize in advance to anyone taking offense to what's written here, but hey...I'm just trying to make it a little entertaining. The "news stories" are, of course, bogus...but see what fun ya can have with current events!? I usually finish my weekly forecast (which I've been doing since about 1994) on/by Wednesday night (Pacific time out here in Vegas). Feel free to comment or question. It's just a hobby, I'm not a "professional" with a mystical mathematical formula to predict winners! Enjoy!

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