Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Comparison Preseason Bowl Picks

A COMPARISON OF 2006-07 PRESEASON BOWL PICKS (Vindy’s picks [in bold], followed by, Phil Steele,, The Sports Summit forum host VT Hokie [who gets a warm Vindicator round of applause for calling final scores too!]) and

DEC. 19

CFN: Missouri vs. Fresno St.
Steele: San Diego St. vs. Navy
Sportsline: Utah vs. Navy
VT Hokie: BYU 49 Navy 35
Guru: BYU vs. Nevada-Reno
ESPN: Michigan St. vs. Fresno St.

DEC. 21

CFN: Oregon St. vs. BYU
Steele: Utah vs. Oregon
Sportsline: UCLA vs. TCU
VT Hokie: Washington State 39 Utah 27
Guru: Utah vs. Arizona State
ESPN: Utah vs. Arizona State

DEC. 22
NEW ORLEANS: North Texas vs. Southern Miss

CFN: UL-Lafayette vs. East Carolina
Steele: UL-Lafayette vs. Central Florida
Sportsline: UL-Lafayette vs. Houston
VT Hokie: Southern Miss 25 ULL 6
Guru: UL-Lafayette vs. Houston
ESPN: UL-Lafayette vs. UTEP

DEC. 23
NEW MEXICO: Colorado State vs. Boise State

CFN: New Mexico vs. Nevada-Reno
Steele: BYU vs. Nevada-Reno
Sportsline: BYU vs. Nevada-Reno
VT Hokie: Wyoming 41 Nevada-Reno 21
Guru: Colorado State vs. Fresno State
ESPN: Colorado State vs. Nevada-Reno

BIRMINGHAM: East Carolina vs. Connecticut
CFN: Houston vs. Pittsburgh
Steele: Southern Miss vs. Connecticut
Sportsline: Tulsa vs. South Florida
VT Hokie: Central Florida 31 Northern Illinois 24
Guru: Southern Miss vs. South Florida
ESPN: Southern Miss vs. Miami-Ohio

CFN: TCU vs. Tulsa
Steele: TCU vs. UTEP
Sportsline: Colorado St. vs. UTEP
VT Hokie: TCU 47 Houston 34
Guru: TCU vs. UTEP
ESPN: BYU vs. Houston

DEC. 24
HAWAII: Arizona vs. Hawaii

CFN: Washington St. vs. Hawaii
Steele: Washington St. vs. Hawaii
Sportsline: Arizona St. vs. Fresno St.
VT Hokie: Cal 59 Hawaii 27
Guru: Oregon State vs. Hawaii
ESPN: Washington St. vs. Hawaii

DEC. 26
MOTOR CITY: Toledo vs. Michigan State
Northern Illinois vs. Memphis
Steele: Toledo vs. Wisconsin
Sportsline: Toledo vs. Michigan St.
VT Hokie: Toledo 34 Purdue 27
Guru: Northern Illinois vs. Rutgers
ESPN: Northern Illinois vs. Minnesota

DEC. 27
EMERALD: NC State vs. Washington State

CFN: Virginia vs. Oregon
Steele: Virginia vs. Arizona
Sportsline: Maryland vs. Oregon St.
VT Hokie: Maryland 42 Arizona 21
Guru: Maryland vs. Arizona
ESPN: Maryland vs. Oregon St.

INDEPENDENCE: Kansas vs. Ol' Miss
CFN: Iowa St. vs. Ol’ Miss
Steele: Kansas State vs. South Carolina
Sportsline: Texas A&M vs. NC State
VT Hokie: Missouri 36 Arkansas 29
Guru: Kansas vs. Ol' Miss
ESPN: Missouri vs. Ol' Miss

DEC. 28
PACIFIC LIFE HOLIDAY: Southern Cal vs. Nebraska

CFN: Cal vs. Nebraska
Steele: Cal vs. Texas A&M
Sportsline: Cal vs. Nebraska
VT Hokie: Oregon 38 Texas A&M 17
Guru: Oregon vs. Nebraska
ESPN: Cal vs. Texas Tech

MPC COMPUTERS: Fresno State vs. Wake Forest
CFN: Boise St. vs. Maryland
Steele: Fresno St. vs. Wake Forest
Sportsline: Boise St. vs. Virginia
VT Hokie: Fresno State 34 North Carolina 23
Guru: Boise State vs. North Carolina
ESPN: Boise State vs. NC State

HOUSTON: Baylor vs. Pittsburgh
Texas A&M vs. South Florida
Steele: Iowa St. vs. South Florida
Sportsline: no pick (bowl wasn’t certified at time of original bowl predictions)
VT Hokie: Pittsburgh 38 Iowa State 24
Guru: Pittsburgh vs. Missouri
ESPN: Pittsburgh vs. Colorado

DEC. 29
CHAMPS SPORTS: Wisconsin vs. Boston College

CFN: Michigan St. vs. Georgia Tech
Steele: Purdue vs. Maryland
Sportsline: Wisconsin vs. Virginia Tech
VT Hokie: Georgia Tech 34 UAB 7
Guru: Wisconsin vs. Georgia Tech
ESPN: Penn St. vs. Miami

GAYLORD HOTELS MUSIC CITY: Tennessee vs. Georgia Tech
CFN: South Carolina vs. Boston College
Steele: Florida vs. Georgia Tech
Sportsline: Arkansas vs. Georgia Tech
VT Hokie: Boston College 31 South Carolina 17
Guru: Arkansas vs. Boston College
ESPN: South Carolina vs. Georgia Tech

BRUT SUN: Texas Tech vs. Oregon
CFN: West Virginia vs. Arizona St.
Steele: Pittsburgh vs. Arizona St.
Sportsline: Rutgers vs. Oregon
VT Hokie: Arizona State 34 West Virginia 17
Guru: UCLA vs. Texas Tech
ESPN: Oregon vs. Rutgers

INSIGHT: Purdue vs. Missouri
CFN: Purdue vs. Colorado
Steele: Michigan St. vs. Missouri
Sportsline: Purdue vs. Colorado
VT Hokie: Oklahoma State 31 Wisconsin 28
Guru: Michigan State vs. Iowa State
ESPN: Purdue vs. Iowa State

MASTERCARD ALAMO: Iowa State vs. Those Penn State Nifty Lions
CFN: Texas Tech vs. Wisconsin
Steele: Colorado vs. Penn State
Sportsline: Kansas vs. Minnesota
VT Hokie: Michigan State 37 Colorado 29
Guru: Texas A&M vs. Purdue
ESPN: Texas A&M vs. Wisconsin

DEC. 30
AUTOZONE LIBERTY: Houston vs. South Carolina

CFN: Southern Miss vs. Alabama
Steele: Houston vs. Alabama
Sportsline: Central Florida vs. Tennessee
VT Hokie: Boise State 38 UTEP 27
Guru: Tulsa vs. Alabama
ESPN: Central Florida vs. Alabama

MEINEKE CAR CARE: Maryland vs. Navy
CFN: NC State vs. Navy
Steele: Boston College vs. West Virginia
Sportsline: Boston College vs. Louisville
VT Hokie: Clemson 32 USF 13
Guru: Georgia Tech vs. Navy
ESPN: Boston College vs. Navy

CHICK-FIL-A: Virginia Tech vs. Alabama
CFN: Clemson vs. Georgia
Steele: Florida St. vs. LSU
Sportsline: Clemson vs. Alabama
VT Hokie: Florida State 24 Alabama 14 (and it’s "Peach Bowl, damn it!")
Guru: Miami vs. South Carolina
ESPN: Virginia Tech vs. Arkansas

JAN. 1
GATOR: Florida State vs. Notre Dame

CFN: Virginia Tech vs. Notre Dame
Steele: Clemson vs. Nebraska
Sportsline: Miami vs. Texas Tech
VT Hokie: Virginia Tech 33 Nebraska 21
Guru: Clemson vs. Louisville
ESPN: Clemson vs. Nebraska

AT&T COTTON: Colorado vs. Arkansas
CFN: Oklahoma vs. Arkansas
Steele: Texas Tech vs. Arkansas
Sportsline: Iowa St. vs. Georgia
VT Hokie: Georgia 26 Texas Tech 24
Guru: Oklahoma vs. Tennessee
ESPN: Oklahoma vs. Georgia

OUTBACK: Michigan vs. Florida
CFN: Penn State vs. Tennessee
Steele: Michigan vs. Georgia
Sportsline: Michigan vs. South Carolina
VT Hokie: Penn State 21 Tennessee 18
Guru: Michigan vs. Georgia
ESPN: Iowa vs. Tennessee

CAPITAL ONE: Auburn vs. Ohio State
CFN: Florida vs. Michigan
Steele: Tennessee vs. Iowa
Sportsline: Florida vs. Penn State
VT Hokie: Florida 31 Iowa 27
Guru: Florida vs. Penn State
ESPN: Florida vs. Michigan

ROSE: Georgia vs. California
CFN: Iowa vs. Florida State
Steele: Ohio State vs. USC
Sportsline: Iowa vs. USC
VT Hokie: Michigan 28 USC 16
Guru: Ohio State vs. Cal
ESPN: West Virginia vs. USC

TOSTITOS FIESTA: Oklahoma vs. Miami
CFN: Texas vs. Utah
Steele: Notre Dame vs. Louisville
Sportsline: Oklahoma vs. Auburn
VT Hokie: Oklahoma 28 Notre Dame 27
Guru: Texas vs. Iowa
ESPN: Texas vs. TCU

JAN. 2
FED-EX ORANGE: Clemson vs. Louisville

CFN: Miami vs. Ohio St.
Steele: Miami vs. Boise St.
Sportsline: Florida State vs. Notre Dame
VT Hokie: Texas 27 Miami 13
Guru: Florida State vs. LSU
ESPN: Florida State vs. Louisville

JAN. 3

CFN: LSU vs. Louisville
Steele: Virginia Tech vs. Texas
Sportsline: LSU vs. Texas
VT Hokie: LSU 47 Louisville 29
Guru: Auburn vs. Notre Dame
ESPN: LSU vs. Notre Dame

JAN. 6
INTERNATIONAL: Northern Illinois vs. Rutgers

CFN: Akron vs. Rutgers
Steele: Kent St. vs. Rutgers
Sportsline: Akron vs. Pittsburgh
VT Hokie: Akron 32 UConn 31
Guru: Toledo vs. UConn
ESPN: Bowling Green vs. South Florida

JAN. 7
GMAC: Central Florida vs. Akron

CFN: UTEP vs. Toledo
Steele: Tulsa vs. Northern Illinois
Sportsline: Southern Miss vs. Northern Illinois
VT Hokie: Kent State 29 Tulsa 27
Guru: Central Florida vs. Akron
ESPN: Tulsa vs. Akron

JAN. 8
BCS TITLE: West Virginia vs. Iowa
USC vs. Auburn
Steele: Oklahoma vs. Auburn
Sportsline: West Virginia vs. Ohio St.
VT Hokie: Ohio State 23 Auburn 15
Guru: West Virginia vs. USC
ESPN: Ohio St. vs. Auburn

These are the only selections Vindicator could find. If ya know of more preseason bowl projections, let Vindy know and we’ll try to post them in the blog!

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