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Viindy's Picks Week 11-2015

LAS VEGAS, Nevada (REUTERS)…College hoops has gone to a 30-second shot-clock. Double-and-Triple-A baseball-clubs are experimenting with twenty-second pitch-clocks. Hurlers are mandated to start their windups in twenty seconds or less following the preceding pitch or yield a “ball” count to the batter. In related news, customer-service be damned, casinos in Sin City have adopted a similar pick-clock, forcing sports-gamblers at the counter to announce their choices or be given the bookies’ selections at random… meaning a square looking to put a $22 straight bet on Central Florida, for example, could be forced to accept an eight-team parlay of equal value if the bettor’s original single-team wager isn’t verbalized within the required timeframe! By the way, local fast-food restaurants are exercising the same option….patrons must decide on a burger/sandwich/value-meal while Final Jeopardy music plays or simply pay for whatever menu-item the fast-food restaurant-in-question has over-prepared and needs to get rid-of!

Nearby, we rode a 4-0 advantage into Saturday before the usually-scheduled squads even tee’d-up da’ pigskin to what might be a best-in-recent-memory 16-6 final tally (92-88-3, .511). With precious seconds tickin’ away at the sportsbook counter, we’re badgerin’ bettors into choosin’ between cuttin’ the red wire, black wire or yellow wire to avoid detonatin’…
(Jackin’ up three-team parlays from beyond the arc!)

SAT. NOV. 14
SYRACUSE (+27 ½) over #1 Clemson: Probable letdown spot for CU, who didn’t salt away the win over Florida State until the final 2 ½ minutes and gets a breather here. ‘Cuse is 3-1 against the number at the Dome this season, including respectable 10-point defeat to LSU. Orange has lost by 24 in each of the past two games (at Tallahassee and at Louisville). There might not be 28 total points scored in this one, but we’ll offer…Clemson 27 Syracuse 8

ILLINOIS (+17) over #2 Ohio State: Buckeyes left the Gophers within striking-distance with two minutes to play last Saturday and the QB-carousel has led State to rely on the D to bail it out vs. lesser-competition. Illini have yielded 52 or better to Ohio State in the past three meetings, but have shown improvement, losing to Iowa by 9 and da’ Badgers by 11. Michigan State looms for OSU. Collectively, these clubs are 11-6 “under” the total so far. Illinois is one victory shy of bowl-eligibility and have two home-opportunities to try to get there (along with a roadie at Minnesota). Doesn’t mean they won’t go all-out here…State 28 Illini 16
#3 Alabama (-8) over #20 MISSISSIPPI STATE: Tide 27 Bulldogs 17

#12 Oklahoma (+3) over #4 BAYLOR: MINOR UPSET PICK OF DA’ WEEK. Sooners have been bullet-proof since loss to Texas. Bears countered late rally at K-State to stay unblemished and Baylor’s offense gets all the press, but Okie-Doke has outscored common opponents by 202 points, versus the 136-point margin set by the Bears. Freshman Jarrett Stidham will make his second start at QB for BU. Boomer Schooner’s looking for payback after lighting the bulbs for only 26 total points over past two years in this series. Baylor, who’s now won 26 of last 27 games in Waco, claims victories over I-AA Lamar and 53-point triumph over…um…Rice. UO beat Tennessee…in Knoxville …Oklahoma 34 Bears 24
#5 Oklahoma State (-14) over IOWA STATE: Cowpokes 38 Dust Devils 19

Wake Forest @ #6 NOTRE DAME (“over 51 ½”):  Irish now sit precariously as the #4 seed in the playoffs. Deacons are rested and have been involved in several games “under” the total, but those opponents weren’t offensive juggernauts. CJ Prosise may not take the field this Saturday, but stand-in RB Scott Adams went for a buck-forty-seven vs. Pitt. Meanwhile, Leprechauns have given up 20 or more to everybody but Texas. Wake lost 50-17 at North Carolina…ND 42 Deacs 19
Oregon (+10) over #7 STANFORD: We changed our initial pick here. Consider yerselves duly-advised…Trees 27 Mallards 24

Minnesota (+11 ½) over #8 IOWA: Best guess fer “wish we had it back”. Not sure Gilded Gerbils can keep givin’ the current level of effort off tight ones vs. Big Blue and da’ Buckeyes, but…Iowa 20 Minny 12
#9 LSU (-8) over Arkansas: Bengals 37 Pigs 23

#10 Utah (-5 ½) over ARIZONA: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Short line probably reflects Arizona’s 8-point loss at USC, who caught Utah on a bad day earlier and beat the Utes decisively (Utah’s only SU and ATS loss in four road tilts this year). In addition, Utah took advantage of four Huskies’ miscues get 11-point win in Seattle. ‘Cats also played Wazzou tough, but despite UCLA being on-deck for Utah, AZ has yielded an average of 41 ppg over its past four games and has beaten Utah by double-digits in each of the previous three seasons. As long as Booker and Wilson stay healthy, there’s no reason to think the fave won’t cover…Utes 41 ‘Cats 24
#11 Florida @ SOUTH CAROLINA (“Under 46 ½”): Gators 24 KFC 13

#13 TCU (-45 ½) over Kansas: Presidential-wannabe Jeb Bush offered a mia culpa to administrators in Republican-heavy Lawrence after likening day-to-day operations of da’ Senate to “a Jayhawks gridiron work-week”. Honorary Black Shirts all-around fer da’ Newts in wake of our predicted loss to Oklahoma State! Blue Birds supporters have already embraced basketball season!...Frogs 57 Flayed-Hawks 10
#14 MICHIGAN STATE (-14 ½) over Maryland: Sparty 31 Box Turtles 13

INDIANA (+13) over #15 Michigan: Jim Harbaugh was seen shirtless while conducting drills at a Prattville, Alabama satellite summer camp. ESPN reported Coach was also sportin’ khakis, which leads us to contemplate yet-another commercial for a certain insurance company…”Jim…from Michigan? At three in da’ morning? What are you wearing ‘Jim from Michigan’?” “Uhhhhh….khakis?” “She..sounds..hideous.” “Well…she’s da’ Wolverines football coach, sooo….”…Wolverines 34 Hoosiers 27
#25 Memphis (+7) over #16 HOUSTON: Coogs gave up 523 passing yards to Gunner Kiel, but played good D for the final five minutes last week to stave-off upset-bid by Cincinnati. Tigers had committed just six turnovers all year, but picked a bad time to add three more vs. Navy. Houston, no bargain as home-chalk, needs a win to keep pace atop the AAC West with aforementioned Middies and should use nation’s #9 rushing game to accomplish that, but Memphis, who has just 6 fewer ground scores than UH and country’s #9 passing attack, will put it up enough to stay close…if they protect the ball…Houston 41 Tigers 38

#17 NORTH CAROLINA (-12) over Miami: Tarheels 34 ‘Canes 16
Washington State (+9) over #18 UCLA: UPSET PICK OF DA’ WEEK. Since 2015-opening victory over currently 2-7 Virginia (whose pair of wins includes on over FCS William & Mary), the Rose Bowl has not been a place of comfort for the home team as Bruins show a 16-point triumph vs. then-ranked Cal, flanked by narrow-escapes from BYU and Colorado and a two-touchdown defeat by ASU. UCLA got its whitewash on last Saturday, smoking Oregon State (led by a quarterback starting under center for just the second time), but Wazzou has won 3 of 4 road matches thus far , losing by 2 at current-#7 Stanford…Cougars 41 UCLA 34

#19 FLORIDA STATE (-10) over NC State: Seminoles 29 Wolfpack 17
#21 Temple (-2 ½) over SOUTH FLORIDA: Second choice for “lock of da’ week”. Might be sorry we didn’t designate this one as our primary selection in that category…Owls 27 USF 20

Southern Methodist (+21 ½) over #22 NAVY: Ensigns 41 Ponies 31
#23 Wisconsin: IDLE (next vs. Northwestern)

#24 NORTHWESTERN (-14 ½) over Purdue: NW 34 Boilermakers 17

BTW, the closest best-effort we could find in the not-too-distant past was the 12-3-1 outing we recorded in Week 12 of 2010!
Late last month, with tongue-in-cheek, Jeb Bush expressed his desire to rule Marvel Comics before subsequently espousing his affinity for Supergirl and identification with da’ Caped Crusader. As the comic-book geeks in the readership know, both those folks live their adventures as part of the DC Comics universe. Campaign staffers were quick to determine if da’ presidential candidate knew da’ Gators played in the SEC rather than the ACC or…the Sun Belt!

On this Veterans’ Day, we remember that back in April, Seahawks QB Russell Wilson upgraded a U.S. Army serviceman to first-class on a flight back to Seattle. Three words…Classy. Thank you!
During the off-season, RG III was quoted as sayin’, “They (the New England Patriots) operate like a high school team …players take a knee and look at Coach like what he’s saying is the most important in the world.” Kinda’ like John Travolta’s friends at Rydell High in “Grease”!?

With the college basketball regular-season underway, we note that if the NCAA Tournament meets Walk the Moon,  “One Shining Moment” gets replaced by “Shut Up and Big Dance With Me”!
Rumor has it Louisville staffers forked-over a few Benjamins to employ hookers to entertain possible basketball recruits. Did the players-in-question ultimately end-up with Cardinal knowledge of their partners???!!! Independent investigator Ted Wells found that Coach Pitino was “at least generally aware of the inappropriate activities” and has been subsequently suspended for the first four games of the season!

“Locked in a Box?”:  Following a tight first-half, Mississippi State clocked Mizzou as predicted, raising our record to 3-7 (.300).     
Black Shirt: Will be gift-wrapped this week for Northwestern kicker Jack Mitchell for missing two field goals and a point-after, allowing best bet Penn State (+3) to finish within 2! And fer the second time this season, Honorable Mention to the quarter we flipped to get our ‘BAMA -6 ½ over Weeziana State!

Shoppe Talk: The Spartans make an appearance this week on current 1-4 slide (.200). Joining the ‘Noles (who get a hall pass for posting a forecast win…barely) at 2-5-1 (.285) are the Aggies of A&M (which mercifully fell outta’ the rankings this week!).
Vindy’s Week 11 Best Bets:       Last Week:  5-1-1        Season: 28-22-1 (.511)

LOUISVILLE-Virginia “under” 49, Washington +3 over ARIZONA STATE, AIR FORCE-Utah State “over” 51 ½, RUTGERS-Nebraska “under” 64, Southern Miss -8 over RICE, Florida International +11 ½ over MARSHALL, Brigham Young -5 ½ over MISSOURI, Tulsa +18 over CINCINNATI

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