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Vindy's Picks Week 7-2017

NEW YORK, New York (AP)...Commensurate with the No Fun League's earlier off-season decision to lighten-up on penalties for post-scoring celebrations, Jets players, ahead of a night-game, choreographed shadow-puppets akin to the Bat-signal, involving a spotlight on the sky, inadvertently calling the Dynamic Duo into action! While the changes allow use of a football as a prop and celebrating as a group, they still make actions offensive or bad taste a no-no, including gestures that mimic select allthe use of weapons, leading to a payer being recently-flagged for pretending to toss a Frisbee through uprights because of similarity to the use of Ninja throwing-stars!! 
"The point-spread is a fickle mistress", but allowed us a "Bruce Wayne's world, Bruce Wayne's" 15-5 (59-50, .541), includin' 3-fer-3 on "totals", last week"Standing for truth...justice...and the American-Athletic Conference way", yet donning the Jason Vorhees hockey-mask, it's... 
(Like Kryptonite to da' bookies and assembling "Avengers" at NCAA venues everywhere as we speak!) 
THURS. OCT. 12   
Georgia Tech (+6 ½) over #11 MIAMI: Errata: we mistakenly had Da' Canes as IDLE last week, when, in fact, they were busy edging the Seminoles 24-20 in a rescheduled-tilt! OOPS!..Miami 27 Bees 24 (maybe in OT) 
FRI. OCT. 13 (Friday Da' 13th!!!! BTW, we like CAMP CRYSTAL LAKE against da' spread over Kansas, Rice or Tennessee this week!)
SYRACUSE (+22 ½) over #2 Clemson: Second-best-guess fer "wish we had it back" pick for not choosing "under 56 ½"!  Orange, who bring back 19 starters from 2016 (and had second-lowest number of senior-starts in the nation), are 3-1-1 against da' line and 4-1 "under". 'Cuse hasn't put more than 4 games in the straight-up win-column in any of the last 3 years. Tigers won by mere 10-points in '14 and '15, but humiliated Syracuse 54-zip last season, contributing to Orange's 1-3 ATS vs. Top 25 in 2016, but Citrus Fruit is already 2-0 in that role on the season, losing by just 9 and 8, respectively at LSU and at NC State. "Under" has been the result in four of Orange's five contests. Tigers have taken the money in four of six to-date, though just one of three recently...CU 30 Nothing Rhymes With 16 
#8 Washington State (-13 ½) over CAL: Wazzou 34 Bares 17 
SAT. OCT. 14 
Arkansas (+31) over #1 ALABAMA: Pigs are 2-3 SU/1-3 ATS.  Arkansas has covered 6 of last 7 getting points on the road and is now 12-5-1 following an outright defeat. Bacon has spread-wins in two of last three in series, with largest margin-of-loss being 19 (last year). We failed using this logic to back Ole Miss, but Rebels are mere-shadows of previous three years' teams. Tide's D is doing what it does best, holding 4 of last 6 opponents to ten or less. Homecoming in Tuscaloosa. Don't Crimson Try this at home!..Pachyderms 41 Pork Chops 19 
#3 Penn State: IDLE (next vs. Michigan) 
#4 GEORGIA (-30 ½) over Missouri: Tigers are win-less in four FBS-tries, 1-3 ATS, sucking dirty-point-spread-pond-water to the tune of 6-13 over past two years, posting initial ATS-conference-win in cover at Kentucky. Line prolly reflects Mizzou's 28-27 defeat in 2014 and 9-6 loss in 2015. UM shows 7-18 ATS-record the past two-plus years and hopes for 3 total outright-victories this campaign with fortunate-wins over Idaho in Columbia and UConn at Storrs. Tigers have been lousy in last 7 as road-dogs, worse vs. Top-25. MO won't throw nearly as easily vs. Joja' as they did against the Bluegrass-Kittens!...Canines 51 Tigers 14 
#5 Washington @ ARIZONA STATE ("under 60 ½"): Best guess for "wish we had it back", mainly 'cuz it's call on a total. Pitchforks rested last week after following upset of the Drakes with respectable 10-point defeat at Stanford, posting consecutive spread-wins in wake of 0-2-1 start. There might be some logic to this line, given ASU-victories 24-10 in Seattle three seasons ago and 27-17 here in 2015 ahead of ugly 44-18 loss in 2016 (with Beelzebubs covering all three). Sled Dogs have recorded three-straight ATS wins following 0-2 beginning and we're not convinced there's been enuff improvement by the home-team to justify 26-point adjustment (and we may rue the decision to pass-up that knowledge in favor of the "under", but collectively, these clubs are 8-2 below the total, with 6 of those finishing beneath this one. Huskies have outscored last four opponents 165-40 (fer an average of 41-10 final margin), with only Fresno State denting the board for more than 10!...UDUB  37 ASU 15 
KANSAS STATE (+4 ½) over #6 Texas Christian: UPSET PICK OF DA' WEEK #1. Wildcats have won 7 games outright getting points the past three years. Didn't happen in only 'dog-appearance to-date in 2017 (at Texas), but why not here?!...KSU 33 Toads 29 
Purdue (+16 ½) over #7 WISCONSIN: Badgers overcame early-game flag-fest to beat and cover vs. Nebraska (with Huskers-help...see our "Black Shirt"-segment below!). Boilers (-4) helped us cash parlay-bet with two-touchdown win over Minnesota. Varmints have gone 3-0SU/2-1 ATS over past three contests in the series, mostly-recently with 29-point triumph. Purdue now 133 getting points away from West Lafayette, sporting 10 straight road-dog opportunities taking more than 11 according to Marc Lawrence. Misspelled chicken-company already half-way to first bowl-appearance since 2012 and Cyclones' road-upset of then-#3 Sooners fuelin' da' fire...Wisky 24 Choo-Choos 20 
NEBRASKA (+24) over #9 Ohio State: Buckeyes 38 Corn Cobs 20 
#10 Auburn @ LSU ("under 44 ½): Tigers 20 Bayou Bengals 13  
#12 Oklahoma (-7 ½) over Texas (@ Dallas, TX): We changed our choice here...twice. Consider yerselves duly-advised!...Spooners 27 Steers 17 
Utah (+13) over #13 USC: Second-choice fer "lock". Trojans 23 Utes 19 
Baylor (+25 ½) over #14 OKLAHOMA STATE: Second-best-guess for "wish we had it back". Both teams took a breather last weekend. Bears have yet to put one in the outright-column, so raise yer hand if saw mere 8-point, track-meet-loss to Oklahoma as a harbinger of da' Sooners' subsequent-demise at the hands of the Cyclones! Bares have won this match-up three years-running (2-1 ATS). Following 3-0 ATS win-streak, Cowpokes have posted consecutive spread-losses. Baylor has lotsa' sophomores on D, but we're hesitant to call the "over 70", so we'll take the points and hypothesize...OKSU 42 Baylor 24
#15 Virginia Tech: IDLE (next vs. North Carolina) 
#16 Notre Dame: IDLE (next vs. Sudden Cal) 
#17 Michigan (-6 ½) over INDIANA: Big Blues Brothers 28 Hoosiers 20   
Cincinnati (+24) over #18 SOUTH FLORIDA: Bulls 40 Bearkats 18 
Boise State @ #19 SAN DIEGO STATE ("under 64"): Sudzu 24 Al Cowlings' Automobiles 20 
#20 North Carolina State (-12) over PITT: Wolfpack 28 Panthers 10 
MINNESOTA (+4) over #21 Michigan State:! 16 Gophers 13 
#22 CENTRAL FLORIDA (-34) over East Carolina: Knights 54 Blackbeards 17 
#23 STANFORD (-10 ½) over Oregon: LOCK OF DA' WEEK. Drakes won in '
14 and '15 before getting clobbered last season by 25 (courtesy of minus-four in turnover-department). Watch for a sluggish-start, as Stanford comes in after mostly hard-fought victory over Utah and have covered just once in past five tilts, but RB Bryce Love, the nation's leader in rushing yardage (1240 total and 207 per game average) should run at-will later vs. Mallards' D that, while beating Nebraska's currently-#62 running-game, faced only I-AA Sudden Utah plus four other FBS squads that currently-rank between 106th and 123rd on the ground. In what could be a first here at Vindy's Picks, we're "lockin' with" a team we "locked-against" a week-prior. Likin' the Trees in the home-nursery to end-up...Cardinal 34 Quack-A-Snack 16  
#24 Texas Tech @ WEST VIRGINIA ("over 79"): Mounties 51 Guns-Up! 44 
#25 Navy (+5) over MEMPHIS: UPSET PICK OF DA' WEEK #2. Ensigns are undefeated, including 3-0 in conference. Tigers' lone-L came against AAC East co-leader UCF (by 28) but have 48-45 win over then-Top 25 UCLA. Middies have sailed-off with wins by 18 and 25 the past two seasons (as dog in bath tilts) and have faced better-competition this year. Memphis is conceding north of 35 ppg in 2017...Swabbies 44 Memphis 38  
BTW, Ozzy Osbourne was on-hand for the aforementioned-game in the Big Apple...and tried to bite da' head off da' Bat-Signal before being gently-escorted back to his seat by an usher in da' stands!
In related news...bizarre random-thought..."Sports makes strange-Alfred-fellows"???!!! (Fine. Fine. Fine....da' Bard is turning in his grave over that one!) 
Premiering this week on da' Silver Screen, Alabama's quarterback enlists in the Army and gets assigned to an explosive-ordnance disposal unit in..."Da' Jalen Hurts Locker"! 
A current Bud Light commercial-campaign meets football..."Here's to the tight-ends you can always count-on...Dilly, dilly!"
Last March, da' NFL considered ways to keep the games moving along, including fewer (though longer) commercial time-outs, a time-clock to get teams on the gridiron and execute the point-after-TD and our personal fave...immediate tabulation of votes to confirm, let stand or overturn the call on the field by fans in the stands!  
With the Major League Baseball playoffs underway, we note that back in February, MLB officials proposed a rule-change that would allow teams to start each extra-inning with a runner at second base! We offer a more-"Home Run Derby" format in which teams alternate their best five HR-hitters in the box vs. the opponents'/friendly chosen-hurler until one-side outscores the other! 
The NHL meets "Star Trek II" and awards   its top-goaltender da' "Khan-Smythe Trophy" 
In related news...congrats to hometown expansion-team Vegas Golden Knights for 3-0 start to NHL regular-season. If the NHL's franchise in Los Angeles meets Game of Thrones, would it result in the "illegal Hand-pass of the King"????!!!! 
"Locked in a Box": Utes didn't bring home the predicted-upset, but covered vs. Stanford to raise our "lock"-record to 5-1 (.833)! 
Black Shirt: Splittin' the coveted-cloth between Huskers teammates WR De'Mornay Pierson-El fer droppin' a sure Nebraska-TD and K Drew Brown fer missed-33-yard-FG-try in the first-half of SU/ATS loss to da' Badgers.  
Shoppe Talk: Da' whole-damn Ye Olde Taxidermy Shoppe is covered in Clemson Tiger-skin rugs, wall-hangings, valences, shower-curtains, yada yada...(1-5, .167; 4-18, .182 last 22 tries). With forecast dubyas by Florida and Ginny Tech, CU nearly had da' place to itself, but enter da' Vandy Commodores (1-3, .250). Fer inquiring-minds that wanna' know...teams that have supported our campaign (minimum-four trips to da' plate) thus far include San Diego State (4-0, 1.000), Wazzou and Wisconsin (both 4-1, .800) and Stanford (3-1, .750)!
Vindy's Week 7 Best Bets:    Last Week: 2-2     Season: 15-8-1 (.652) 
Akron +13 over WESTERN MICHIGAN, Navy @ MEMPHIS "over 75", UL-MONROE –7 over Joja' State, Wyoming +2 ½ over UTAH STATE 

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