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Vindy's Picks Week 6-2018

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania (AP)…Saturday’s late defensive-collapse giving the rival Ohio State Buckeyes an outright road-victory over the hometown-Lions was the last straw. With a 5-4 vote on Sunday by the Penn State Board of Trustees, Beaver Stadium will be renamed Flava Fla Stadium, after the uncle of Nittany Lions hoops-player Shep Garner. In addition, the stadium scoreboard digital-clock will be swapped-out for a replica of the rapper’s trade-mark necklace time-piece and Lions athletes will exit the tunnel on game-day to the tune of said-musician's band-hit “Fight Da’ Power-Five"! 
The Alma Mater’s cover, and having the lineman’s-advantage, helped us go 13-6 to pull level at 44-44-2, .500 on the year. Vin joins forces with Game of Thrones fans and Flav at his Kingman, AZ establishment Casterly Rock Bar and Pizzeria. With every purchase of a whole-pie, patrons get a free-copy of... 
(FeaturinMike Perrera in da’ booth!) 
SAT. OCT. 6 
ARKANSAS (+34 ½) over #1 Alabama: So, last week, a sports-gambler (and we use that term loosely!) plunked-down 16 Benjamins on the Tide to win vs. Weeziana-Lafayette...just to be clear...not to cover nearly a half-century spread...not to go “over” or “under” the total of 67...just to finish with more lightbulbs lit on the scoreboard. Elephants beat the Ragin’ Cajuns 56-14. Said-bettor left with a buck-sixty profit (that’s right, Sportsfans...we said one-dollah, sixty-cent on the plus-side!). What respectable-book even offers such a wager??!! More-importantly, we speculate as to why such a bet was placed to begin with...maybe the punter-in-question has, like yer humble-narrator, failed in five (count ‘em, five!) tries to pick Saban’s charges on the correct-side of da’ point-spread and simply needed to re-establish some sense of order by merely calling an outright-victory over an inferior foe. Or maybe, the Virginia Tech SU defeat by Old Dirty Underwear contributed to the excitement of a potential ‘Bama-loss???!!! In any case, in lieu of a blind-folded dart-toss (which might be the Week 7 strategy). The coin prefers...UA 41 Pigs-in-a-Blanket 13 
Vanderbilt (+27) over #2 GEORGIA: No faith in either side with Joja’ struggling to put away down-Tennessee squad and ‘Doors easing past FCS Tennessee State 31-27 last week. Vandy’s shows 4-0 to the “under” and played-valiantly in five-point defeat at South Bend, to bring spread-record vs. the Top 25 to 8-4. Dawgs have trek to Baton Rouge next..Joja’ 27 Admirals 18 
Indiana (+26) over #3 OHIO STATE: Bug-Eyes 38 Indy 18 
#4 Clemson (-17 ½) over WAKE FOREST: Deacs registered first spread-victory by wreckin’ Rice last week. Tigers rallied behind second-string QB to beat tenacious Syracuse. Trevor Lawrence was back on the practice field fer CU but even if Clemson has to put the game in the hands of RB Travis Etienne, that doesn’t bode well for Wake’s 107th-ranked rush D. Two of past three in the series have been decided by at least 20 points...Tigers 41 WF 17  
#5 Louisiana State (-2 ½) over #22 FLORIDA: LSU 23 Gators 16 
#6 Notre Dame (-5 ½) over #24 VIRGINIA TECH: Leprechauns 30 Hokies 19 
#19 Texas (+8) over #7 Oklahoma (@ Dallas, TX): UPSET PICK OF DA’ WEEK #1. Past three years were decided by 7, 5 and 5. We’re ignoring the fact (thanking the Cattle, in fact) for letting KSU back-up man-under-center to toss a couple late TDs to blow the cover (as predicted).  Both teams have won da’ money vs. Top 25 competition. Sooners’ve the tune of 2-6...on neutral-ground. ‘Horns went 4-0 in similar situations. Okies floundered (but won) vs. Army. Vindy’s spies say Steers have enlisted the OCs from West Point and Annapolis to install their respective option-plans on the Austin-sideline. If Texas finishes ahead on the scoreboard, how badly will they want opening-game loss vs. the Terps back???!!! Maybe in OT...Burnt-Orange 27 Boomer Scooper 24 
#8 Auburn @ MISSISSIPPI STATE (“under 44 ½”): This got a look fer “lock of da’ week”. Bulldogs have finished below the total three times in four tries, while all four of Aubie’s tilts ended below this total...Auburn 20 MSU 14 
#9 WEST VIRGINIA (-28 ½) over Kansas: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Yes, ‘Eers were in a tight-one thru four-stanzas vs. Texas Tech. Bluebirds are 5-11-2 ATS as road-dogs (1-1 this year) and 1-1-1 last three tries against WVU, with only one defeat by this many. Mounties perfect 3-0 ATS to-date, but face biggest spread so far. Oklahoma State scoring-D-D-D (defense-deficit-disorder) grants 30-ppg to the other sideline and yet Kansas still did not cover last week against them. West-By-Golly grudging gives-up 18 ppg. KU has a pair of ATS-triumphs and a push in last nine squaring-off against ranked teams...West Virginia 52 Kansas 14 
#10 Washington (-21) over UCLA: UDUB 38 Bruins 6 
#11 Penn State: IDLE (next vs. Michigan State) 
#12 CENTRAL FLORIDA (-24 ½) over Southern Methodist: Pony Depress has some MO, dropping Navy (barely) and FCS Houston Baptist in consecutive-tilts after 0-3 outright start. Knights have just one win by less than 31 of its four, but see important-at-Memphis contest ahead. SMU lost by just 7 in 2017, but are forkin’-over almost 6 TDS (and extra-points) per contest to-date in four I-A melees. Knights need to leave no-doubt in minds of CFP committee to garner Group-of-Five berth in NY6 post-season venues...UCF 44 SMU 10 
#13 Kentucky (+6) over TEXAS A&M: UPSET PICK OF DA’ WEEK #2. Wildcats 20 Aggies 17 
#14 STANFORD (-5) over Utah: Trees 24 Utes 7 
Maryland (+17 ½) over #15 MICHIGAN: Wolverines survived 17-point hole to squeak-out a victory vs. NW. Who shows-up for the Flag-Heads...the club that bested Texas in opener or the one that fell to Temple by three-touchdowns. Less-than-bulletproof-Wisky awaits Michigan...UM 19 Box Turtles 16 
Nebraska (+19) over #16 WISCONSIN: Best guess fer “Wish We Had It Back”. Corn-Puffs have yet to tally a win...SU or ATS...for new coach and NU-alum Scott Frost. Yet the line continues to slip in favor of Nebraska. Marc Lawrence has Wisky covering 13 of 14 when rested following a Big Tentacle game. Matches in ‘15 and ‘16 were decided by less-than-a-TD, but Badgers won by three scores last season. Bus-ride to Ann Arbor looms for the Cheeseheads. Lincoln Legumes are in danger of not even equaling 2017’s four-win campaign. Corn-Pops haveta’ show-up eventually, right? Right??!!...UW 27 Cornmeal 19 
#17 MIAMI (-12 ½) over Florida State: ‘Canes 27 ‘Tribe 13 
#18 Oregon: IDLE (next vs. Washington) 
Northwestern @ #20 MICHIGAN STATE (“under 48 ½): State 23 ‘Cats 13 
Arizona State (+2) over #21 COLORADO: Bison garnered Phil Steele’s tag as #4 Most-Improved Team. Pitchforks are 3-2 SU/4-1 ATS and battle-tested in home-win over currently-#20 Michigan State and 7-point loss at currently-#10 Washington. Colorado? 4-0 SU/3-0 ATS, but the three I-A victims show combined outright W-L record of...1-12! The choice is clear...ASU 29 Buffs 24 
Boston College (+4 ½) over #23 NC STATE: MINOR UPSET PICK OF DA’ WEEK. Wolfpack stands at 4-0 SU/3-0 ATS and doing it with smoke-and-mirrors given 6 returning starters on offense, 3 back on D and just 38 lettermen, so not a lotta’ depth (though lotsa’ seniors). Eagles are 9-3-2 in last 14 road-doggie opportunities and lost 17-14 last season. “Over 59 ½” wouldn’t e outta’ da’ question given final totals of 71, 56 and 71 the past three years...BC 38 State 31 
Iowa State (+10 ½) over #25 OKLAHOMA STATE: Cowpokes 27 ‘Clones 23 
BTW, we note that Ole Miss and UNLV have both adopted Flav’s hit, “Rebel Without a Pause” as a theme-song! Meanwhile the FCS Rhode Island band has petitioned da’ right to sample from PE’s pop-tune “Welcome to da’ Terrier-Dome"!!!!! 
Is it just Vindy or does anyone else out-there think the sketch of the goon in the Stormy Daniels case resembles...Tom Brady???!!! Channeling da’ spirit of da’ late Mr. Rogers, we quip...”Can you say... Intimidate-Gate’???!!!”. (BTW, we think da’ pic might also look like...Willem DaFoe???!!!) 
As we welcome the new regular-season fer da’ National Hockey League, we note that Vladimir Putin scored somewhere between five and eight goals (dependin’ on who’s news-clippin's ya believe) in the “Legends of Hockey” exhibition-outing in May. Opposing-players drawing penalties vs. the Russian leader didn’t just spend two-minutes in da’ box, they were immediately whisked-away to spend two-years in da’ Gulag! 
If NFL and NHL penalties collided, would we see “Five-Yards For Fighting”???!!! 
If Pat Sajak hosted a Major League Baseball Playoff game, would each side be obligated to employ a “Wheel-Route-of-Fortune" on defense??? (More on that concept next week!) 
Hooray Fer Da' Little Guy: Vindy tips his helmet to FBS-rookie Liberty, who bested New Mexico, in Albuquerque, 52-43, to equal the SU tally at 2-2, and could likely take-out 1-4 New Mexico State next Saturday! 
"Locked in a Box":  The Chippies of Central Michigan (+28) lost by mere 11 at Sparty! Last Week: 1-0 Season: 3-1 (.750). 
Black Shirt: The desired deltoid-coverin' cloth goes to K-State reserve QB Skylar Thompson fer two second-half scoring-throws to keep da’ ‘Cats within DD of the ‘Horns (-9)!  
Shoppe Talk: Da’ Shoppe is over-flowin’ in pachyderm-poop as ‘Bama (0-5, .000) continues to baffle us! The Minor Thunderstorms of Miami stay off-shore at 0-4 (.000), followed by Big Blew at 1-4 (.200) and the Washington 1-3 (.250).  Clemson (2-2, .500, 8-17-2 [.320] gets a weekend-pass after nearly succumbing to Syracuse, as do the Buckeyes and Nitsche Lions in wake of 1-point decision in Unhappy Valley.  
Vindy's Week 6 Best Bets: Last Week: 2-3   Season: 11-10-1 (.524) 
South Alabama @ JOJA’ SUDDEN “over 55”, Arizona State @ COLORADO “under 64”, TOLEDO –20 over Bowling Green, AIR FORCE +3 ½ over Navy 
Now if you’ll excuse us, hopin’ to get Tom Brady’s autograph, we’re off to participate in “GOAT (‘Greatest Of All Time’) yoga”!  

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