Thursday, December 06, 2018

Vindy's Picks 2018 Army-Navy

STATE COLLEGE, Pennsylvania (REUTERS)…The Nittany Lion Battalion Army Reserve Officer Training Corps outfit, was one of 8 groups among 275 such-units across the country was selected in March for the General Douglas MacArthur Award! As a result, PSU has scheduled West Point’s football team in a home-and-home series to actually be decided by scores accumulated by the schools' respective drill-teams and obstacle-course times! With Army already having an edge, via familiarity with the type of tasks-in-question, the Lions will undergo training for American Ninja Warrior and watch “Rambo” movie-marathon leading-up to the meeting!   
Vindy (3-7 last week; 116-129, .473) fell on his way to place a sports-wager, injuring a knee that lead to a 10-second run-off in the final two minutes the sportsbook was open. With appreciation and respect for the men on both sidelines (and their family and friends), we come to the position of attention to offer a warm salute ahead of... 
(Screamin “Make it hurt, Drill Sergeant! Make it hurt!”)
SAT. DEC. 8 
#22 Army (-7) over Navy: We suppose, given the nature of the option-game to spread-out the number carries, and therefore yardage, that these two at #2 and #3 rushing yardage leaders, nationally, have not a single player in the top ten of individual ground-gains. Soldiers put 9 SU in the win-column, losing by now-surprising 20 at Duke to begin 2018 and taking now-CFP-#4 Sooners to OT. Granted, Platoon ended regular-season with pair of dubyas over I-AA Lafayette and Colgate. Army is chalk in this series for the first time in more than a decade and has won on the scoreboard 18 times in last 21 chances vs. its schedule. Last three contests have been close, with Midshipmen taking 2015 21-17 before Army won by a similar score in 2016 and 14-13 last year. For all its ground-game prowess, Navy took just 3 of 12 outright (all three victories in Annapolis, over Memphis, Lehigh and Tulsa), including 35-7 defeat at Air Force, whom Army slid-by 17-14 on the Hudson. Sailors’ best-effort outside the home-marina was 29-28 season-finale loss at 6-6 Tulane (or perhaps 11-point demise at undefeated UCF in early-November). Boat People suffered six losses by DD. Ground-Pounders' average-MOV was north of 11 ppg. Unlike previous seasons, FG-success was good for both sides (relatively-speaking) going a joint 18 of 23, but Navy won’t hang-tough on the strength of threes. We could consider Ensigns final trio of games (@UCF, vs. Tulsa, @ Tulane), recording contests in which it was outscored by less than 2ppg...or not...Platoon 23 Sailors 13 
BTW, Vindy, having served six years in Uncle Sam’s Army, will call cadence during weekly five-mile runs for da’ Alma Mater! “Me and Superman had a fiiiight....hit im in da’ head with a left and a riiiight...He stumbled and he crumbled and he fell to da’ floorrrr...Then Bat-man and Robin came through the doorrrrr. Batman said ‘Robin, who is heeee?!! He said, “Holy cowww, Bat-man, it’s my LT!!!” 
Penn State players, used to wearineye-black during games, will sport full-facial camouflage and carry rucksacks during practices for the future Army-clash! In fact, the training-table will be devoid of anything but MREs (Meals Ready to Eat!) 
This week on da’ Silver Screen....the weekly picks meet a car-racing movie-series, Vindy and Da’ Rock et al in...”DaForecast and Da’ Furious”!!! 
Last Sunday, Tom Brady surpassed 1000-yards rushing while going against Detroit, prompting yer frenetic forecaster to pick-up said Pats-star, while sending Jim Brown, Franco Harris and Earl Campbell to da’ fantasy-league waiver-wire! 
Earlier this month, Ada Hederberg of Team Sweden, who got the Balon’ d’Or as best soccer-player on the face of the planet, and inaugural female to grab the honor, fielded a question about her ability to “twerk” from event-host DJ Martin Solverig. Unfazed, Hederberg retrieved a goal-net from behind da’ curtain and cordially-asked the DJ to join her on-stage, where she promptly launched a well-placed penalty-kick into the host’s nether-regions, then asked “Can you ‘twerk’???!!!”. 
"Locked in a Box": Last Week: 0-1 Season: 5-8 (.385). 
Black Shirt: The exalted ebony-tee goes to Pitt QB Kenny Pickett fer coughin’-up da’ pigskin at his own 21, leading to a subsequent-TD by Clemson, en route to Tigers’ (-27) 32-point-win and cover! 
Shoppe Talk: We’re servin’-up baked-Bronco this week after Boise State (2-5, .285) hosed us again!
Vindy's Army-Navy Best Bets: None Last Week: 3-1 Season: 30-29-1 (a less-than-profitable .508) 
On da’ horizon...Part I of our infamous bowl predictions! 

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