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Vindy's Picks Week 10

Vindy Dropped From Whiskey Endorsement

DEERFIELD, Illinois (UPI)...Just after Reebok ended an endorsement deal with Falcons defensive back DeAngelo Hall for violating provisions of his contract by wearing the wrong brand of shoes during a nationally televised game, representatives of Jim Beam did likewise, putting in a phone call to the Vegas Vindicator, advising him his endorsement contract too had been terminated. An unidentified employee of the widely-marketed whiskey noticed Weber in a local Vegas sportsbook drinking from a shot-glass clearly emblazoned with a Jack Daniels logo. Vindy’s contract legally allowed him to do so provided he covered the competitor’s logo with paint or duct tape. Weber told media he tried to comply, but after several shots simply ended up spraying paint on the bookie or taping the shot-glass to his hand!

Leading off with a Thursday night forecast victory by the Hokies, Weber posted a nice 12-5 record in Week 9 (74-79, .484 season). Inching closer to the .500 mark, it’s...


Connecticut over #18 WEST VIRGINIA taking 14 1/2:
Mountaineers haven’t played since October 15 due to the scheduled bye and the hurricane postponement of the South Florida game. WVU is 1-2 ATS at home this year and this looks like too many points to lay against a Huskies squad that has history of playing well ATS in November... West Virginia 27 UConn 17

Pittsburgh over #24 LOUISVILLE taking 17 ½:
During the preseason, this clash was frequently expected to determine the winner of the Big Least. At this point, it looks like it might decide who the bridesmaid of the conference will be behind the aforementioned Mounties (and maybe behind those Scarlet Knights!). Panthers have come on last three games since losing to Rutgers...Louisville 34 Pitt 24

Stanford over #1 USC taking 34:
Risky picking against the Trojans at home. But until Cardinal runs outta’ steam from giving it everything it’s got, we like Stanford...USC 44 Cardinal 14

#2 Texas over BAYLOR giving 28 ½: Longhorns will need a convincing win to stay at #2 in the BCS with Hokies charging hard behind them. Bears haven’t covered against anyone with a potent offense, but sure gave it a great shot for three quarters last week vs. Texas Tech. (By the way, Vindy ain’t takin’ no more "lock" picks from Mike Martz!) ...Texas 49 Baylor 17

#5 Miami over #3 VIRGINIA TECH taking 5: Probably the game of the week. A dubya here and Hokies cruise rest of the way to go undefeated, including the ACC title game. ‘Canes would like to reach the conference championship too and avenge loss to the Injuns in season opener. BCS wants the number of undefeated clubs to dwindle. Guess who’ll they’ll cheer this week...VT 17 Miami 14

#4 Alabama over MISSISSIPPI STATE giving 17: In May, the NCAA revised APR scores. Those going from passing to failing included Tennessee and...Mississippi State. A long season in Starkville gets longer. First and droll for... Alabama 33 Bulldogs 9

Appalachian State @ #6 LSU: No Line (Rumor has it Nick Saban has asked the schedule-maker to marry him after lining up North Texas and Appalachian State back-to-back this late in the year!)

ARIZONA over #7 Ucla taking 8: Had the Wildcats not dropped the Beavers last week in Corvallis, this would have "upset of da’ week" (again) written all over it...UCLA 20 AZ 16

Tennessee over #8 NOTRE DAME taking 9: Tough pick, but Vindy won’t believe Vols have quit and with three winnable tilts after this one, even a 6-5 record would be a major disappointment. Either Irish win this in a rout or UT stays close. Lookin’ for one last (unsuccessful) push from Rocky Top...ND 24 Tennessee 20

NC State over #9 FLORIDA STATE taking 13 ½: Only the third away game on the year for NC State. The much-hyped Wolfpack defense that seemingly checked out right after September win over astern Kentucky should return for this one. Over the last four years, NCSU has either won outright or lost by only 6...FSU 23 NCSU 17

#10 PENN STATE over #14 Wisconsin giving 10: This one probably crowns the Big Ten champ. Lions will be the best defense Badgers have faced. In June, maps identifying the New World as "America," believed to be made in 1507, were put up for auction by Christie’s in London. Critics were skeptical until someone pointed out one of the maps clearly marks the location of Joe Paterno’s childhood home....PSU 27 Wisky 10

#11 Georgia: IDLE (next vs. Auburn)

#12 OHIO STATE over Illinois giving 35: Best chance to be "wish I had it back" pick of the week, but Buckeyes should be able to name the score unless they yank the first two strings after halftime in prep for next game vs. Northwestern...OSU 55 Illini 10

Vanderbilt over #13 FLORIDA taking 18: Gators posted a forecast win for the Weber Kid and a straight up victory for themselves, but Joja’s two missed field goals and three dropped long passes were not the fault of ‘Dawgs QB Joe Tereshinski. Expect the ‘Dores to bring their A-game while Florida contemplates a historic match vs. former-mentor Steve Spurrier. Chris Leak’s uniform was clean following the Georgia game. Vandy needs to change that... Florida 29 Vandy 14

#23 California @ #15 OREGON: OFF

#16 TEXAS TECH over Texas A&M giving 11 ½: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Surely the Texas rivalry thing won’t keep the game this close. Kansas had a better defense than A&M and Tech beat the Jayhawks by 13. Baggies’ secondary was torched for touchdown throws of 53-and 63 yards by Iowa State...in College Station...Tech 48 A&M 24

#17 Auburn over KENTUCKY giving 22: Tigers better enjoy this since rest of November is full of Joja’ and ‘Bama!...Auburn 48 Mildcats 17

NORTH CAROLINA over #19 Boston College taking 3 1/2: UNC has become East Coast answer to Stanford. Tarheels had BC on the ropes late in 2004 game and collapsed defensively to allow Eagles to pull one out of their...um...beaks! If they play defensively like they did vs. Wisconsin and Virginia, they can win...North Carolina 15 Boston College 13

#20 TEXAS CHRISTIAN over Colorado State giving 7: The Weber Kid likes Sonny Lubbick’s Rams and honestly, CSU was Vindy’s preseason choice to take the Mountain Jest conference. Until last week’s win at the Pit, the road had not been kind to Colorado State. While Vin’s confidence in the Froggies was shaken (not stirred) just a bit by non-cover at SDSU, we’ll take ‘em at home with only the finale vs. the lowly Rebels to come...Horny Toads 24 CSU 14

#21 FRESNO STATE over San Jose State giving 34: Makers of the "Grand Theft Auto" video game series came under fire again this week as the latest installment contains yet another modified "hot coffee" chip leading to a secret level showing SJSU game film!...Fresno 45 San Jose State 7

#22 Michigan: IDLE (next vs. Indy)

Missouri over #25 COLORADO taking 12: Can’t argue with the line. Buffaloes’ home wins have been decisive and Tigers have struggled, losing to New Mexico at home and at Kansas last week following injury to Brad Smith. Going against logic, we like...Bison 30 Mizzou 24


"Vini, Vidi, Vindy"..."I came, I saw, I forecast!" Sporting a 25-10 record the last two weeks, Vindicator has cut the prognosticators’ "Mendoza Line" (.500) deficit to only 5 games!
By the way, Vindicator plans to make up lost revenue from the endorsement deal by becoming a "prime vendor" for the federal government, allowing Vindy to sell his picks to White House staff at an amazing 20%-over-normal cost!

Neuheisel Trial Part I: College hoops will officially be under way again November 8. This past February, Rick Neuheisel testified rather tearfully at his trial for gambling on the 2003 NCAA Tournament. Obviously, nobody told Rick "There’s no crying in basketball!". He told UDUB president Barbara Hedges, in code, he was interviewing for the 49ers head coaching position. He also reportedly told her he was "in Vegas drinkin’ OJ", which was code for "Tell the Weber Kid to bet da’ ranch on Syracuse." Vin never got the message. That witch!

This week, Denver will decide whether or not to decriminalize possession of up to an ounce of marijuana for adults. Ricky Williams has already expressed his desire to be traded to the Broncos if the measure passes!

Back in August, Diamondbacks broadcaster Mark Grace uttered a few profanities during an Arizona-Florida game. It’s too bad the World Series didn’t go a few more games because the Chicago White Sox coulda’ invited the former 13-year Cubbies veteran to sing "Take Me out To The !!@$&*#@! Ballgame!" during the 7th-inning stretch!

"Locked in a Box?": "Mike Martz’" Steers came up considerably short, leaving Vin’s "lock" record at 2-7 (.222).

Shoppe Talk: Vindicator has himself a nice BBQ beef brisket courtesy of those Texas Longhorns, who wander into the Shoppe with 6 losses in last 7 forecast appearances!

Vindy’s Week 10 Best Bets: Last Week: 2-1 Season: 14-15-1 (.483)
South Carolina +4 ½ over ARKANSAS, Wyoming +4 over UTAH, Hawaii +7 over NEVADA-RENO, Arizona State -3 over WASHINGTON STATE, MIAMI-OHIO -28 ½ over Buffalo

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