Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Vindy's Picks Week 13


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (Reuters)...Local prognosticator Vegas Vindicator got a couple weeks vacation-without-pay following his lambasting of the NCAA for not publicly-recognizing his 100th forecast win of the season. Weber finally hit the century mark in spread wins this past Saturday night as the Fresno Bulldogs threatened to unseat #1 Southern Cal. After Vindy’s outburst Saturday night to the media, the NCAA released a statement indicating it did not recognize individual achievements, then noted Weber would be banned from making his picks for an undisclosed amount of time for "conduct detrimental to the organization." Vindicator said he would appeal the suspension and would seek release to conduct forecasts for the National Football League should the NCAA decide to sit him for the remainder of the college season.

As projected, Weber hits the double-century mark at 100-101-3 (.498) following a 7-7 effort in Week 12. Determined to finish the regular season over .500, Vindy looks into his Magic 8-Ball and offers...


#12 WEST VIRGINIA over Pitt giving 13:
Line’s already moved three points in favor of West Virginia. This time last season, Mountaineers were floundering on all cylinders. This year, they’re rushing their way into a BCS slot (though South Florida still looms)...WVU 28 Pitt 13

FRI. NOV. 25
#2 Texas over TEXAS A&M giving 26 1/2:
Aggies have only one home loss this year, but that was a 28-point beating by Iowa State. The other home opponents? SMU, Texas State and Baylor. Steers have dominated the series over the last decade, both outright and against the number. Can’t believe that’s going to change this year... Longhorns 45 Aggies 17

Arkansas over #3 LSU taking 17: Arkansas is better than its record reflects, losing by 11 at ‘Bama, 3 at Joja’ and 4 to the Gamecocks. With Weber’s Nifty Lions at #3 in the BCS poll, Bengals might try to blow Razorbacks out, but frankly, LSU simply needs a "W" to get into the SEC title game. While USC and Texas have been 1-2 all season, the AP #3-hole has been a problem spot...LSU 24 Hogs 13

HAWAII over #24 Wisconsin taking 6 ½: Scary line and Vindy can only point to Hawaii’s 27-13 loss to Fresno at home as justification. Let’s face it, ‘Bows don’t have the D to shut down the Badgers, so Hawaii will have to stay close in a shootout. After back-to-back losses, the Rodents will want to send Coach Alvarez out with a regular-season win. Rainbows do have 3 outright victories at home over last 6 Big Ten tilts in the Pacific, including 2004 victims Northwestern and Michigan State...Wisky 34 UH 30

SAT. NOV. 26
#1 USC:
IDLE (next vs. UCLA 12/3)

#4 Penn State: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

North Carolina over #5 VIRGINIA TECH taking 23: ‘Heels have won or been competitive in every game except blowout loss at Louisville. These two played a great one last year, with Hokies pulling out a 27-24 win. Here’s hoping for bad weather in Blacksburg and a semi-low-scoring slopper...VT 24 UNC 10

#6 Notre Dame @ STANFORD: OFF

#7 Ohio State: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#8 Oregon: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#9 Auburn: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls?)

#10 MIAMI over Virginia giving 18: Hurricanes’ loss at Joja’ Tech was more obscene than any rap song the players could produce! Coach Coker said Miami’s image as an outlaw school has changed since his arrival. Um....did they alter the color of the electronic ankle bracelets or what? Vin thinks he saw Martha Stewart out behind the Orange Bowl foraging for dandelions to spice up the food at the student cafeteria....Hurri-cons 45 Cavs 20

#11 UCLA: IDLE (next @ USC 12/3)

#20 GEORGIA TECH over #13 Georgia taking 3 1/2: Vindicator changed his initial pick, then went with best two outta’ three coin tosses to settle on the Bees. Joja’ Tech faces two years of probation after half-a-dozen star athletes continued to play after getting grades of "D", when the requirement for their respective majors was "C" or better. What a great football recruiting tool!!..."Come to Georgia Tech....where ‘D’ means ‘downfield’"!!!!...’Dawgs 19 ‘Jackets 17

#14 Alabama: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#15 Texas Christian: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#16 Fresno State over NEVADA-RENO giving 15 ½: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Wolfpack is 4-1 straight up at home and has covered 5 of last 7 overall. Unless Bulldogs stay flat for more than the first half, they win and cover handily...FSU 38 UNR 13

#17 LOUISVILLE over Syracuse giving 35 1/2: Second choice for "lock". Irish were sloppy on offense last week and Orange garnered a trash-time TD to get the undeserving cover (3rd overall and 1st away from the Dome). This is a weak foe the Cardinals can pound...Louisville 57 Syracuse 10

#18 Texas Tech: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#23 Florida State over #19 FLORIDA taking 4 1/2: This is an ugly spot, with both clubs coming off disappointing road defeats. If Seminoles drop a third straight match (which would be the fourth in last six tries), the next website to pop up in Tallahassee might be ShowBobbyTheLobby.Com... Gators 20 Injuns 17

#21 Boston College: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#22 Michigan: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)

#25 Clemson: IDLE (next...Da’ Bowls!)


The U.S. Postal Service is planning another 2-cent (as opposed to Fifty-Cent) rate hike. Fine. In exchange, Vindy wants a stamp series called "Girls of the Big Ten"! (OK, OK!!! Weber will settle for "Mascots of the Big Ten"!!!)

New Jersey’s governor is taking suggestions for new State slogans. How ‘bout..."New Jersey: We Got Yer BCS... Right Here!" or "New Jersey: Nets, Knights and Giants- Next Three Exits!"

Tulane’s punter was shot in the stomach recently while on a hunting trip. Talk about "roughing the kicker"! Guess he shoulda’ worn the bright orange road jersey, huh?!

The federal government has a plan to subsidize millions of digital cable TV boxes by 2007. Great. Now even the impoverished can watch such stellar pigskin match-ups as Duke-Temple!

Following the Vikings’ win over Green Bay this past Monday night, Vanilla Ice plans a comeback album featuring a title track about the Minnesota coach called.... "Tice, Tice, Baby!"

"Locked in a Box?": Vindy’s lock win streak ends at two (4-8, .333) as Kentucky could not stay within four touchdowns of Joja’!

Shoppe Talk: The Bayou Bengals hang around with 5 forecast losses in last 6 games and are joined by the ‘Jackets of Joja’ Tech (1-4 in their last 5 forecast at-bats!)

Vindy’s Week 13 Best Bets: Last Week: 1-2 Season: 20-22-1 (.476)
Arizona +9 over ARIZONA STATE, Alabama-Birmingham -5 ½ over EAST CAROLINA, Rice +16 ½ over HOUSTON, UL-MONROE -3 over UL-Lafayette

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