Friday, October 23, 2009

Vindy's Picks Week 8-2009 The Sequel

Air Force over #19 UTAH taking 9 ½: Now that the UNLV game is over, we expect Utes’ offense to return to its prior plodding, pedestrian status. Both should play to their strengths...running and defense, which will again favor quick, low-scoring game. Pilots haven’t lost by more than 7...Utah 20 Flyboys 17

#20 PITT over South Florida giving 6 ½: Bulls played head-to-head with Cincinnati for 45 minutes last week before fading and are on 3-0 run as road dogs. Both clubs average points in low 30's, but Panthers have achieved that against a stronger schedule and South Florida’s win over Florida State means less each week. USF needs a win to stay in the Big East race. Not happenin’... Panthers 27 USF 17

#21TEXAS TECH over Texas A&M giving 22: Tech continues to throw for sick numbers and is 4-1-1 against the line, and just a single game off the pace in the potent Big 12 South. Aggies lost by 5 to Oklahoma State then allowed Kansas State to gig ‘em for 62 a week later! Tech and A&M have no receiving studs, but each has a go-to guy. Just kill Vindy now and surgically-remove the gun barrels from his...uh...eardrums!...Raiders 48 Aggies 21

Connecticut over #22 WEST VIRGINIA taking 7: Another potential upset. Huskies tragically lost their starting cornerback in a stabbing incident just a day after beating Louisville. We’ve cashed a couple tickets courtesy of UConn in the “best bet” mode and the Huskies have covered both “revenge” games this season. Mounties just 8-12-2 ATS facing other Big East squads. Connecticut is 4-2 SU/5-0 ATS...WVU 21 UConn 17

Vanderbilt over #23 SOUTH CAROLINA taking 12 1/2: Admirals are on 18-5 spread run as road dogs and the Fightin’ Chickens have beaten only Fun Belt’s Florida Atlantic and I-AA SC State by more than a dozen...KFC 20 Vandy 13

#25 Oklahoma over #24 KANSAS giving 7 ½: Jayhawks own the country’s #2 total offense at better than 500 yards per game, but had no running attack at Colorado (-8 yards). Kansas on 16-9 ATS run against rest of the Big 12, but just 1-3 vs. Oklahoma. While the Birds have gone 25-7 SU the last 3+ seasons, five of the seven defeats came against ranked teams. They’re also 27-4 SU at home, but lost badly last year to Texas and Texas Tech. Bradford’s out against for OK, so we’ll put it on the Sooners defense...Oklahoma 24 Kansas 14

BTW, the Vindicator spent most of his unexpected adventure ride unconscious after whacking his head on the hard internal structure of the balloon upon entry and said he dreamt that the vessel landed on a Pacific atoll, where he met Herve Villechaize and Ricardo Montalban, who greeted our hero with, “My dear guest. I am Mr. Roarke,...your host. Fantasy Football Island!” Weber also said he planned to take flight again farther east and pen a novel entitled “Around the Big Ten in Eighty Days!”

This inaugural BCS rankings came out earlier this week. The Gators, Crimson Tide and Longhorns grabbed 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively, while President Barack Obama tied Boise State at the #4 spot!

Joja’ DB Vance Cuff got a trip to the local police station for driving a scooter without a license. A scooter without a license? Did the police pat him down and find a handful of jacks in his pocket as well as a used piece of chalk used to draw an illegal hopscotch grid not far from where he was busted? Nice to see Athens’ finest devoting their efforts to the really important criminal element!

Kim Kardashian reportedly parted ways with Reggie Bush last July, but the duo are rumored to be back together. Guess the RB is finally OK with Kim trying to “pick up” the blitzing linebacker!

The folks at Pepsi are getting heat for advertising an app that helps nerds score by providing them with pick-up lines. Vindy don’t need no stinkin’ soda and does just fine with these gems....”Hey baby... ever placed your bets between the hashmarks” and “I’ll show ya my spread if ya show me yours!”

This week’s menu special at Vindy’s Bet & Breakfast...“The Scripted Play”...the customer gets whatever’s next on a sequenced list of 15 pre-determined meals for that day taped to the cook’s wrist!

Black Shirt: Goes to Utah defensive tackle Christian Cox, who fumbled his own interception of Omar Clayton to teammate safety Robert Johnson, who went 64 yards the other way for a momentum-changing touchdown that helped the Utes bring home Vindy’s lock of da’ week pick.

“Locked in a Box?”: The Utes found enough offense vs. the hometown Rubbles to lift the lock record to 4-3 (.560).

Shoppe Talk: Texas (1-5) and Miami (1-4) return...and are joined by...(GASP!) Texas Tech (0-2-1, 2-11-1 since start of ‘08)!

Vindy’s Week 8 Best Bets: Last Week: 1-3 Season: 13-16 (.448)
Central Michigan -8 over BOWLING GREEN, Indiana +6 over NORTHWESTERN, SOUTHERN MISS -21 over Tulane, Central Florida -10 over RICE, Colorado +4 ½ over KANSAS STATE

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