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Vindy's Picks 7-2019

DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA (REUTERS)…Donald Trump recently tweeted a video-clip, modified to suit his own political purposes, from Nickelback’s “Photograph”. The video was removed shortly-thereafter. Not quite grasping the issue-at-hand, the president tweeted “Who knew the title of a situational position-player on the football field was the exclusive-property of the No Fun League???!!!” This was not the first-time that The Donald has crossed the copyright-line, having previously-misappropriated song-segments from the Rolling Stones (“19th Nervous Breakdown in Protection”), Pharrell (Pass-Happy), Adele (When We Were Brigham Young) and Neil Young (Georgia Southern Man). 
Under the new preferred-five format, we went 2-3 (40-55-3, .421). Vindy was called fer intentional-grounding, as da’ Picks didn't make it past the Corona with lime-of-scrimmage and there was only a cocktail-server in the vicinity! Meanwhile, late Saturday, Wazzou head coach Mike Leach was quoted as sayin...“Fat, dumb, lazy and entitled.” But enuff about... 
(Ignorin’ da’ hip-check-engine light on!) 
FRI. OCT. 11
Colorado (+20 ½) over #13 OREGON: Short-week for both teams and both come off tough games. Motivation, however, will side with the Buffaloes, who relinquished a mid-4th-Quarter edge, ultimately goin’-down to Arizona 35-30. Across the field, Drakes were in a close-one for all four-quarters in 17-7 victory against feisty-Cal. CU is finally competitive again and owns road-triumph over then-ranked (and Top 25 again this week) Arizona State. Buffs had covered just 3 of 13 ‘dog-opportunities from 2016-2018, but have won SU in both spots getting points in 2019. Coach Mel Tucker has a nice job in his first-year at the Bison-helm. Gotta’ take da’ almost-three-touchdowns...Rubber Duckies 33 Colorado 17 
SAT. OCT. 12 
#9 Penn State @ #18 IOWA (“under 40 ½”):  Oh, please. “Over is a four-letter-word! Bottom continues to fall outta’ this one after opening at 44 ½. Full-disclosure...last week before the total was even announced, we were gonna’ go “under” anything higher than 39 (which could be the number by kick-off on Saturday). Defense remains the strength of both sidelines. Lions stand-in at #2 nationally, yielding just 7.4 ppg. Hawkeyes a step-behind at #3, allowing mere 8.8 ppg. Even if one of the stop-squads here falters, it’s highly-unlikely the other will do likewise. Nits are just 3 sacks off the lead (Ohio State has 28), likely making Iowa run more. Two of the previous years in this series have surpassed this total with relative-ease, but both of those contests were in Happy Valley...Alma Mater 19 Iowa 17 
OREGON STATE (+13 ½) over #15 Utah: Utes come in off a bye. State whacked UCLA on the conference-road by 17. Beavers enter 24th-straight FBS match as underdogs. OSU is 2-3 on the scoreboard, but is 6-points away from being 4-1 after losing by less than 27-points just twice in 2018. Utah has scored 30 or more in four of five games on the season, but host ranked Sun Devils next and may pull some starters early. Last meeting was a 19-14 win in Corvallis by Utah in 2016. Fun fact: not to be outdone by Miami’s “turnover-chain” and Houston’s “turnover-construction hat”, Beavers’-D sports a “turnover-chainsaw” (shades of a classic 70’s-massacre in the Lone Star State, anyone?!). We’re told coaches and other players give the wielding-athlete a wide-berth and that space-heaters and Gatorade-jugs have been periodically-victimized!...Utah 31 State 22 
#23 BAYLOR (-11) over Texas Tech: First three-game selections weren’t all that hard. Fourth-and fifth-choices were a bit-more challenging.  Bayuhs are 5-0 on the scoreboard, 3-1 against the line (and 3-1 “under” for those who wanna know). While 21-13 victory at Rice doesn’t excite us, road-wins at Iowa State and then-Top 25 K-State, getting points in both, give us confidence here. Ursines, 3-6 home-chalk the previous three-seasons, are 2-0 to-date in 2019. D is permitting mere 15.4 ppga with only Cyclones getting out of the teens. Red Raiders are 3-2 outright with both defeats by double-digits away from Lubbock and were held to combined 30-points-scored in those losses at Arizona and at Norman. Marc Lawrence notes teams coached by Matt Rhule have covered 15 of 18 facing conference foe that won by DD the previous week. Guns-Up took a 45-35 decision over Oklahoma State in Week 6. Bears had been minus-28 turnovers 2016-2018, but are plus-4 thru five games this season...Baylor 41 TTU 24  
#24 ARIZONA STATE (-1) over Washington State: We liked ASU early, giving threeCougars have lost back-to-back matches, including shoot-out defeat to the Bruins, for first time since Apple Cup loss at UDUB and subsequent bowl-demise vs Michigan State to close-out 2017 season. Utes limited Wazzou’s scoring-machine (53 ppg thru first four games [facing nobody-special]) to 13. Pitchforks’ defense has excelled, other than allowing 34 to Colorado in lone SU-loss. Sun Devils have wins over two ranked-clubs on the road in-pocket and are 4-1 overall. Washington State hasn’t suffered the reverse hat-trick since end of 2016 campaign. Lines-makers (and apparently early bettors, who dropped line from opening minus-3 to current minus-2 ½) are expecting a rebound from reeling-Coogs after their head coach called them out last week. Doing our best Austin Powers “Dr. Evil”-impersonation, we say...”How ‘bout... no?!” ...
Beezlebubs 37 WSU 29 
BTW, we’ll have more thoughts on Trump’s illegal-use of Mick Jagger and company’s tunes next week! 
Errata: We mistakenly-had Michigan getting 3 ½ points last week, when, in fact, Iowa was the recipient. Didn’t matter. We tanked that pick. 
The Wolverines’ reportedly paid the Crimson Tide (on a bye-week ahead of the game at A&M) to defend vs. Iowa. Likewise, the Oakland Raiders greased da’ palms of ‘Bama’s 2nd-string to take the gridiron against da’ Bears of Chicago in London on Sunday!  
Several-days-removed from that European-excursion, ‘Bama players are still tryin’ to figure-out where to take the pounds-and-pence (no, not VP Mike Pence) in Tuscaloosa to exchange them fer dollars-and-cents! 
Members of da’ Silver & Black gathered Saturday after practice just-outside Buckingham Palace to watch the traditional changing-of-the-offensive-guard! 
Had an Oakland WR run downfield, then broke sharply toward the sideline, would it have been considered a Trafalgar Square-Out??!! Had either team mailed-it-in, would it have been via “Pat Da’ (Skinny) Post-Route Man"?!!! More on this one too in Week 8! 
If the Nawlin Saints played there, would fans be watchin’ the contest on BBC and chanting “Dr. Who-Dat'”???!! 
In the wake of Taco Bell’s $5 Cravings-Box, Major League Baseball, in the midst of its post-season, has implemented the $5 Batter’s Box. Likewise, da’ NHL has allowed concessionaires to offer da’ $5 Penalty Box. Coming-soon in da’ NBA/NCAA Hoops stands...da’ $5 Box-and-One/Box-Out combo!!!! 
Back in February, officials for the 2018 World Series-champion Red Sox said a White House visit “won’t divide the team”. Of course, not...only a dryer can separate socks! 
Hooray Fer Da’ Little Guy: Rhode Island @ VIRGINIA TECH is the only FCS/FBS cross-over on-deck. For the Game of Thrones-fans, we quip...”Fer da’ night is dark and full of Terriers”, but we don’t see URI managing the upset over the Hokies, who finally showed-up to win a 42-35 track-meet at Coral Gables last week. 
“Wish We Had It Back”: We regret letting “UA’s 79-point finish vs. Da’ Bulldogs (chase us) off the ‘under 48’” 
Black Shirt: This week’s awesome-apparel goes to Boise State RB Andrew Van Buren for his 6-yard TD-run (one of just three totes all game and his first touchdown of the year) with 1:07 remaining to push-out the lead enough to cover at UNLV. Honorable-mention to Broncos’ teammate Joel Velazquez for hitting a 52-yard FG earlier in the contest and Sudden Methadone RB Xavier Jones for his 4-yard TD-run, tying the game vs. Tulsa at 30, sending the match to ultimately-three extra-frames, easily topping our call of “over 62”!
Shoppe Talk: Tiger-skin rugs abound as Auburn falls to 0-4-2 (.000). 
Vindy’s Week 7 Best Bets:    Last Week: 2-2   Season: 11-12-1 (.478) 
USAF –3 ½ over Fresno State, TULSA -1 over Navy, Kent State –13 ½ over AKRON, Joja’ State +5 ½ over COASTAL CAROLINA 

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