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Vindy's Picks Week 11-2020

                                                  SAFETY PROTOCOLS HAMPER GAME PACE 

INDIANAPOLIS, Indiana (AP)…Given the rising numbers of positive COVID-19 test results at the collegiate and professional football-levels, at the urging of the CDC and other expert health organizations across the country, officials at the local NCAA headquarters, as well as those at the NFL administrative office, agreed to implement tightened-measures to prevent transmission of the coronavirus. The line-of-scrimmage will now be dotted with blue circular markers bearing the words “Thank you for social-distancing" and bearing arrows indicating the desired six-feet separation, giving new-meaning to the term “spread-offense”. The play-clock has also been extended from 30 to 45-seconds to accommodate the expected lag. After the end of each play, field-crews quickly gather-up and reset the markers along the new line-of-scrimmage. All snaps will be taken from the “shot-gun”. Several schools have offered positions related to the task as part of their respective “work-study” programs! Applicants must, however, pass a series of agility-tests, proving they are able to keep-up during two-minute drills! 

Holy crap! We busted-out of a serious-slump, crushing the Picks with a 5-0 tally, putting us back-in-black (23-21, 523)! A 1-1 (with two of our planned “four” Best Bets getting' scrapped ahead of what woulda’-been Saturday kick-off) keeps us grounded. Safety is our priority, so please keep yer mask on while perusing... 


(Leavin’ it Martin Short” of the line-to-gain!) 

SAT. NOV. 14


Arkansas (+17 ½) over #6 FLORIDA: Outside campaign-opener vs. Joja’, Wild Hogs have been competitive in every game, going down by no more than 11. Gators enter this off big “Cocktail Party” triumph, their first in four seasons. ‘Backs are on 5-0 spread-win streak. Florida has only a journey to lowly Vandy up next, but could rest some starters here anyway. Arkansas shows a reasonable pass-defense...222 passing-yads-per-tilt, 9 TD-throws-against, but a dozen picks and 17 sacks. Bacon Strips are still undervalued, besting the Vols in Fayetteville as small ‘dogs last week. Florida coach Dan Mullen told his players earlier this week that “great teams don’t peak at mid-season". That’s code fer “Shave a few tallies off the score, Boys! I took the Pigs and da’ points too!” Crocs 34 “Seven Degrees of Kevin Bacon” 24


WASHINGTON STATE (+7) over #11 Oregon: Both clubs, coming into the “year”, were poised to be good on defense and good bets on the “under”, at least early on, with Wazzou, no longer directed by coach Mike Leach and the Ducks making nice-strides in points-allowed annually under Mario Cristobal, having gone from 41 to 29 to 27 to17 last season.  Ducks have a new offensive-coordinator, a newbie QB standing-in fer now-Sunday signal-caller Justin Herbert and a bunch of ya-want-me to play-O-linemen.  Mallards dodged a bullet with Trees playing minus their starter at QB and four missed FGs by Jet Toner, any one of which woulda’ sent the game “over”. Who botches four (count ‘emfour!) field-goal attempts?!!!! We’ll give him the benefit of the doubt on tries from 48 and 41. No good from 35 and 27?! Hope he’s good at whatever he’s majoring in! While we’re on da’ topic...what “parents” name their kid “Jet” Toner???!!! Just about locks the young man into a career at Staples! BTW, said-specialist is now known to his teammates as “Jester” or “Jeannette”! Coogs on the money-line is not outta’-da-question...Drakes 34 WSU 31 

#13 Wisconsin (-4 ½) over #MICHIGAN: The geniuses that publish the point spreads in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, until today, had us believing Michigan was favored and scratchin’ our head to come up with some logic to support that, except figuring the bettin-public was goin’ with “must-win” scenario fer Big Blew. Granted, Badgers have had just a single live-fire match so far. UM ain’t sending positive-waves and a defeat here could lead Coach Harbaugh to send the resume to the NFL. Inexperience on both sides of the ball is killin’ the Wolverines. Meanwhile, Marc Lawrence’s Playbook.Com notes Badgers have covered eleven of last dozen giving less than 27 on the road. Total has risen from 49, which seemingly had more to do with historical finishes than 2020 as all three of UM’s games finished higher or equal-to 49 (72, 51 and 49), to a more reasonable 53 ½ as we go to press... Wisconsin 37 Michigan 28


#16 MARSHALL (-23 ½) over Middle Tennessee StateHerd has just two FBS victories by his many, but the scoring-defense gives up single-digits on average thru a six-pack of melees, bridesmaid behind only Wisconsin, who has one game under its belt. Blue Raiders have been gashed by the better teams on the schedule and coughed-up fitty-two in 17-point defeat in Murfreesboro to North Texas, whose only other win was a September track-meet vs. I-AA Houston Baptist! “Under 57” wouldn’t be a bad guess here either..."We Are Marshall” 42 MTSU 6 

South Alabama @ #25 UL-LAFAYETTE (“under 53 ½”): Rarely, do we “go back to the well” and put our faith in a team in consecutive weeks, but we’ll do so here. Initially, we considered layin’ da’ two touchdowns with Lafayette, but upon further-review of Cajuns’ results, we weren’t getting' da’ warm-and-fuzzies about ULL's ability to close it out by more than a pair of scores and the 17-point road-win at currently #17 Iowa State was an eon ago. The host is 5-2 “under” with just two finals above this number. South Bama is 6-1 “under” with all seven tilts beneath this total and Panthers offensive production has dropped from 38 to 17 to 6 the past couple weeks. Number fell 4 points from opening 57 ½ too...Ragin’ Cajuns 23 South Alabama 13 


BTW, teams may, in fact, elect to line-up in traditional formations, but have to sign pre-game contracts that they’ll conduct whole-sale, fire-wagon exchanges, swapping-out the entire set of eleven players no less than every 15 minutes, real-time, to avoid violating “close-contact” parameters!


FYI...we were originally predicting #1 ‘Bama @ LSU “over 74 ½" until the contest got postponed.


If Star Wars meets a certain football strategy on offense, is the resulting droid named C3RPO???!!!


If a well-known home-renovation TV show airs onsite in Ann Arbor at Michigan Stadium, is it "Flip This 'Big House""!! 

Notable trends to-date: Arkansas 5-1 ATS (and Tulane on 5-1 ATS streak) ATS; Auburn, Kentucky and Troy all 5-1 “under”; BYU 8-0 SU/7-1 ATS, Kansas 7-0 “over”, Joja’ State and Navy 6-1 “over”; Liberty, Oklahoma and South Florida 5-1 “over”; Pitt 5-0 “over” streak, South Alabama 6-1 “under”, Weeziana-Monroe 6-2 “under”; Memphis, Mississippi State (also 5-1 under”) and SoMiss 1-5 ATS. 

With ‘Bama-LSU, Texas A&M-TENNESSEE and Auburn-MISSISSIPPI STATE off the board for safety-reasons, does SEC this week stand for “Southeastern COVID”???!!! 

Given this week’s Veterans’ Day holiday, if “The Green Berets” flick meets the San Francisco NFL team, is the call-sign-in-question “Savoy Two-Forty-Niner"???!!! 

In July, Chiefs starting quarterback became part-owner of the Kansas City Royals. If said athlete hits a dinger, is it a Patrick Mahomes-run???!!! 

With the 2020-21 college hoops season tipping-off in about two weeks, the USDA is imploring American citizens receiving unexpected envelopes from China containing NCAA Tournament seeds to not plant them!


Black Shirt: This week’s awesome apparel goes to Clemson’s B.T. Potter for burying a 30-yard FG to knot the score with 9:42 left in South Bend, ensuring the game would ultimately finish higher than the predicted fitty-two total points!


Vindy’s Week 11 Best Bets: Last Week: 1-1 (Two of our four selections got scrapped between publication and woulda’-been kick-off) Season23-9 (.719) 

NC STATE –9 over Florida State, Pittsburgh @ JOJA’ TECH “over 51 ½”, California @ ARIZONA STATE “over 47”, Sudden Mist +4 ½ over WESTERN KENTUCKY (wish we woulda’ jumped on this at opening line of USM +8!) 


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