Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Between Da' Hashmarks Week 9-2014

NASHVILLE, Tennessee (MSNBC)…Even before the Titans’ latest loss, a last-second road-defeat on Sunday to a Washington squad that had put just one of its previous six games in the win-column, Tennessee fans ripped a page from the “Suck for (Andrew) Luck” ploy by the 2011 Miami Dolphins, encouraging the local pro football franchise to lose on-purpose to acquire the 2015 NFL Draft’s initial selection and grab Oregon’s Marcus Mariota with the first pick…implementing a call to ”Suck for the Duck”, with vendors already hawking Tennessee apparel  bearing the last name. However, others believe there are additional options and have proposed “Take a Sack for Dak (Prescott)” to get Mississippi State’s star QB, and for those wanting Texas Christian’s man-under-center, Trevone Boykin, …”Implode for Da’ Toad”!

BTW, no truth to the rumor that winless Oakland and one-win teams Tampa, New York and Jacksonville are planning to “Play Squirrely Fer (Joja’ RB Todd) Gurley”!

Speakin’ of a certain woodland creature, over the summer, USA Today revealed Jameis Winston stared down the business-end of a campus cop’s weapon in the wake of usin’ a pellet-gun to take pot-shots at squirrels with a  teammate on da’ school grounds back in 2012. Great…squirrels, seafood….is the FSU wunderkind buckin’ for a gig on some Animal Planet show when his NFL career tanks or what???!!!
The Kansas Jay-Walks finally lost a fumble this weekend, leaving only UNLV (??!!!) as the only team to not do so thus far. The Rebels were, however, idle Saturday. No word as to whether or not the practice squad managed to recover one vs. the starting O!

Our primary wagers went 3-1, with Rutgers (+19) getting’ blasted by Ohio State and squandering an 8-point win by South Florida (-1 ½ over TULSA). We cashed on Iowa State (+12 ½) over TEXAS, but weren’t smart enough to lay 4 ½ with MARYLAND over Iowa, instead losing on an impulsive Friday-night wager of Temple +8 ½ at HOUSTON. This week, we’re considering South Florida +11 over CINCINNATI, Maryland +11 over WISCONSIN, UMass +16 over TOLEDO, Weezianna Tech -10 over SOUTHERN MISSED and Nevada-Reno -3 over HAWAII. Also on da’ radar…Texas-El Paso +10 over TEXAS-SAN ANTONIO, Texas +9 ½ over KANSAS STATE and West Virginia-OKLAHOMA STATE “over” 63.
Regarding West Virginia’s upset of Baylor last weekend, we do our best Bogie impersonation and say… “’Eers lookin’ at you, Kid.”

Thru Week 9, the Philadelphia Iggles haven’t donned green jerseys because during the offseason, the team decided to take it up…if we can quote Emeril Lagasse… “another notch”… to Nike’s Elite 51 jerseys and “midnight green” is apparently a specialized color that takes extra time to produce. Philly won’t play at the Da’ Linc again until November 10. Maybe Chris Rock can reprise his role as “Caretaker” in The Longest Yard remake and provide some Mean Machine duds until Nike comes through!
Next week…Garden State politics, drones and we welcome…the NBA!




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