Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Between Da' Hashmarks Week 12-2014

NEW YORK (Reuters)The inmate, who spoke to media on conditions of anonymity for obvious reasons, finally blew the whistle on various personnel at Ryker’s Island. The unnamed snitch said, ”Booze…drugs….sharp instruments?…Okay.  Vindy’s Picks?! Hey, Man…I may be a jailbird, but I have standards.” The subsequent investigation revealed a system-wide epidemic of misconduct. The resulting inquiry led to revelation of massive corruption and correctional officers on the take, smuggling in contraband in exchange for major “bank”. The infamous forecaster’s prognostications were not banned entirely, but were allowed solely post-Saturday for entertainment-purposes only!

(More distracting than Katarina Sreckovic!)

On the heels of Veterans Day, saluting our servicemen and servicewomen around the world again, we propose “Stripes” meets football as we hear Bill Murray’s character,  graduating Basic Training, say...”Back-to-back sacks!”
We downloaded the Domino’s Pizza app to our smart-phone…Wasn’t long before the conversation went like this…”What’s the spread on ‘BAMA-Mississippi State, Dom?” “How ‘bout I spread some tomato sauce on your pizza, Vin?” “Dom, what do you think of Vindy’s Picks? We don’t put pickles on…pizza. “How do I beat da’ bookies, Dom?”. “Why don’t you boogie on down to Domino’s for some pizza?!”

We remember why we threw in the towel pickin’ Top 25 games this season, going just 1-4 in the tilts we analyzed and forecast. In happier news, our 8 other predictions went a nice 7-1, with only Joja’ Southern -11 over TEXAS STATE failing to cash, and allowing us to win a pair of 2-teams parlays. Why in the world we tried a three-teamer featuring Iowa State -3 ½ (lost by 20???!!!) at KANSAS, Utep +7 ½ (lost by 8) at WESTERN KENTUCKY and DA’ IGGLES -6 (won by 24) vs. Carolina, none of which wee among those eight selections, is still beyond us! Rubles already down this week on…East Carolina -2 ½ over CINCINNATI (Thurs), Temple +10 ½ over da’ NIFTY LIONS, WESTERN KY -10 over Army, Missouri +4 ½ over TEXAS A&M and UTEP -6 ½ over North Texas. Still getting’ a good, hard look… Cal +14 over USC (Fri), NC STATE -14 ½ over Wake Forest, ILLINOIS +5 ½ over Iowa, , RUTGERS -7 ½ over Indiana, UTAH STATE -17 over New Mexico, MIAMI +1 ½ over Florida State, CENTRAL MICHIGAN -15 over Miami-Ohio, Memphis -11 over TULANE, Mississippi State +7 ½ over ALABAMA, Texas -2 ½ over OKLAHOMA STATE,
Anybody else out there notice two major sport teams from Philly both played the Panthers last week?! The Flyers played the Florida Panthers (winning 4-1) Thursday night on the ice, while Da’ Iggles blasted Carolina 45-21 (as noted above)  in a Monday Night Football home-game that wasn’t even that close!

Speaking of the Panthers-EAGLES contest, we heard Jon Gruden reference “Escape from L.A.” protagonist Snake Plissken. Said hero also saved the mayor of New York in the original flick of the series “Escape From New York”. During that movie (set in1997), the mayor’s character was forced to say…”*Duke*…Aaaa-Number One!” Not even close at the time, but the Blue Devils have gotten competitive since then!
With college hoops underway this week, we note Dickie V gushed on Twitter about his fandom of Lionel Richie and the Commodores. Just wonderin’ if any of Vitale’s pre-game/halftime speeches he gave included, “Nobody comes into our BrickHouse…and pushes us around!” On a related thought, after a string of sports-betting ties, does a sportsbook manager gather his folks and tell ‘em, “Nobody comes into our house and ‘pushes’ us around!”???!!!

On the small screen….a TLC reality show about bridal apparel meets Joja’ Tech’s college hoops squad in…”Say ‘Yes’ to Da’ Press: Atlanta!” Until next week…happy pickin’, Sportsfans!

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