Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vindy's Picks Week 10-2007


LAS VEGAS, Nevada (REUTERS)....For a few fleeting, glorious moments this year, there was hope...hope of good things on the field in Tampa, Florida; Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts; Lawrence, Kansas and even in Durham, North Carolina. But on the brink of All Hallow’s Eve, the 2007 college football campaign was exposed for what it truly is...fake, bogus, a grand illusion. Criss Angel of the TV series "Mind Freak" said he’s been conducting the elaborate hoax, using smoke & mirrors, nearly-invisible wires, mass suggestion and stadiums with trap doors and false walls to dupe fans, coaches, players, even the media into believing wins and losses that didn’t actually occur. In reality, USC and LSU are undefeated and trying to hold on for post-season spots in Baton Rouge, Duke and Temple are a combined 1-14 SU with a spread record of 3-12, South Florida is a middle-of-the-back Big Least team and Michigan whacked Appalachian State by nearly three touchdowns to open its season. Said one member of Angel’s camp, "If ya think this was out there, wait ‘til ya see which traditional doormats make the Sweet 16 next March!"

Vindicator managed a second straight Thursday night win, but even Criss Angel couldn’t help our hero do better than 8-7-1 for Week Nine (72-87-4, .453). On the Night of the Living Spread, beware of...


#11 Virginia Tech over GEORGIA TECH taking 2 1/2:
How deflating will very late loss to Boston College be for the Hokies? Doing its part to help conserve water in drought-stricken Georgia, the NCAA has mandated that the Bees can’t wash their unis until they become bowl-eligible!...Virginia Tech 17 Wreck 14

#1 OHIO STATE over Wisconsin giving 15:
Before turning the game off when State went up 24-7 on Vin’s alma mater early second half, he watched the Buckeyes pass their way easily, barely breaking a sweat, up and down the field in the "hostile" "white-out". Badgers lost to the Lions by 31. Lions lost by 20 to the Buckeyes. Badgers have allowed 6 total points over last two games. State puts that up more that on first drive here...OSU 27 Wisky 7

#2 BOSTON COLLEGE over Florida State giving 6 ½: Eagles lucky to escape Blacksburg with a win, but that’s the kinda’ good fortune that carries teams to the title game. The "under" is probably a better call than a side...BC 20 ‘Noles 10

#17 ALABAMA over #3 Louisiana State taking 7 1/2: Ya think the Tigers’ll be up for getting their first crack at former coach Nick Saban since he left Baton Rouge following 2004 season? History suggests State will cover if they win outright. Bengals are only 1-1 ATS facing the Tide since beginning of ‘05...Bengals 21 'Bama 16

#4 OREGON over #6 Arizona State giving 7: Decoys on a 24-14 spread run vs. PAC-10 colleagues. First real road test for the Sun Devils. Vindy’s previous calls for shootouts have failed miserably, so...Mallards 38 ASU 24

Texas A&M over #5 OKLAHOMA taking 21: Baggies were kept off the board by Kansas until the 7:20 mark of the 4th Quarter and face a better (and rested) defense here. Looks like a lot of points though, given A&M’s lost by this many only once and Sooners’ biggest conference game margin is 10...OK 29 A&M 13

#7 West Virginia: IDLE (next vs. Louisville 11/8)

#8 KANSAS over Nebraska giving 19: Huskers lost starting QB Sam Keller for the duration and need to win out to go somewhere in December. They won’t. Fightin’ Manginos have beaten the line seven times in a row and almost got the "lock" designation last week (and in 20-20 hindsight...they shoulda’!). It’s a big number, not big enough to back Big Red....Jayhawks 44 Nebraska 20

COLORADO over #9 Missouri taking 4: Over last 29 conference matches, Mizzou is 11-15-2 against the number and are barely 1-1 ATS this season in its only two road games (a total of 1 ½ points separates the Tigers from 2-0 or 0-2). Buffs need one more victory for a post-season berth, are 3-1 ATS at home this year, own Oklahoma’s only SU loss in ‘07 and were competitive in close losses to FSU and Kansas. Field goal fest... Missouri 16 Buffs 15

Troy over #10 GEORGIA taking 16 ½: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Troy is 22-15 ATS since beginning of Division I-A play in 2001, including a nifty 5-2 spread record against the SEC. Trojans coach Larry Blakeney said he plans to send HIS whole team to the end zone to cheer Troy’s first TD of the game (and has T.O. and Chad Johnson on standby just in case his boys don’t draw a flag for excessive celebration!)...Joja’ 24 Troy 13

#12 Hawaii: IDLE (next vs. Fresno State)

Oregon State over #13 USC taking 15: Beavers have covered last two vs. the Trojans (and those squads were obviously better than this year’s edition) and fare well in general playing other PAC-10 teams. Booty may return under center for SC...Trojans 24 OSU 17

#14 Texas over OKLAHOMA STATE giving 3: Steers have only two spread wins in last trips away from Austin, but somehow we still don’t have the warm-and-fuzzies over Cowpokes back-to-back SU wins over Nebraska and K-State, which followed a one-point defeat at College Station . State’s last four games vs. the Longhorns have been losses by 26, 19, 21 and 39. Bowl-eligibility will probably wait until finale at Baylor...Texas 38 OKSU 31

#15 Michigan over MICHIGAN STATE giving 4 1/2: The UM solar car team was in Australia last week trying to return the Panasonic World Solar Challenge trophy to the U.S. for the first time since the inaugural challenge back in ‘87. Wolverines gridiron squad ran on solar power last week without its star RB and QB, and still managed a push on a 24-point line. Spartans in usual late-season slide...Big Blue 29 MSU 17

#16 UCONN over Rutgers taking 3: Nice to see Huskies gettin’ some pollster love after flying well-below the radar while compiling 7-1 SU record (and just a one-point road loss away from being undefeated). Knights’ only away tilt resulted in a cover at Syracuse as 16 1/2-point chalk. UConn has allowed no opponent more than 17 points and averages only 13.4 points-against. First of three away games in final four for NJ State...Dogs 23 Paladins 16

Vanderbilt over #18 FLORIDA taking 16: Commodores have covered nine of last dozen getting points on the road.. Back in May, the UNC Center for Study of Retired Athletes declared that NFL athletes who had three or more concussions were three times as likely to suffer clinical depression. And here Vindy attributed his industrial-strength blues to all those forecast losses by the Gators over the past few years. Turns out it was all those times he banged his head on the sportsbook counter after losing bets instead!...Crocs 28 Admirals 14

Tennessee Tech @ #19 AUBURN: No line.

#20 SOUTH FLORIDA over Cincinnati giving 5: These two are a combined 0-4 straight over last two weeks. Somebody’s once-promising season goes into the tank here. After buckling under pressure being hunted on the conference road, we like the Bulls to recover nicely at home. ..USF 24 Bearkats 17

#21 BOISE STATE over San Jose State giving 26: Broncos getting back in the swing of things. Spartans haven’t covered well away from home the last four-plus years. SJSU has one road spread win in five tries and posted zeroes on the scoreboard in two of ‘em...BSU 37 SJSU 7

VIRGINIA over #22 Wake Forest taking 1: Might come down to who can more successfully work in a few aerials into their run-first game-plan. Cavs were Vindy’s pick to win the ACC and need a victory to stay one-up on the Hokies in the Coastal Division...Cavaliers 24 Deacons 20

ARKANSAS over #23 South Carolina giving 3 ½: Wear-and -tear of failed late comeback at Tennessee might be the back-breaker for South Carolina. Hogs have dug in, allowing more than 10 points to only one of last five foes (oddly, that exception was I-AA UT-Chattanooga!)... Sooeeeeeeeey Pigs 17 Poultry 12

#24 TENNESSEE over UL-Lafayette giving 30: Cajuns have a single win on the year and have nothing to lose. Vols need this one to lock in bowl-eligibility ‘cause there’s no guarantees among the next three games to finish out the regular season...Rocky Top 41 UL-Laugh-at-us 6

#25 Clemson over DUKE giving 16: Dukies are 4-1 ATS on the road this year, but only 1-2 thus far in Durham and a paltry 3-10 as home dogs. Website about Duke’s coach sponsored by Vegas bookies this season: RaisetheRoof.Com; sponsored by Duke alumni: RazetheRoof.Com and sponsored by Californians who know nothing about the Blue Devils: RaisintheRoof.Com. ...Tigers 35 Duke 10

A bunch of NBA refs were caught gambling. Hey...even professional hoops officials like Vindy’s Picks!

A Baylor assistant resigned recently after citation for urinating on the bar in Waco. So much for the joke about a Bear doing you-know-what in the woods!

Division III Trinity University pulled off 15 (count ‘em, 15!) laterals on the game’s last play to beat Millsaps last week. Hmmmm...eleven players, fifteen laterals. Did they shovel the ball to coaches, cheerleaders, from the stands????

NFL commish Roger Goodell wants to expand the NFL to, among other cities, Beijing. First 5000 to the stadium get lead paint decorated bobble-head dolls!(And don’t forget to try the shellfish nachos, guys!).

Among other pay-the-celeb-to-attend-games mishaps for the Miami Dolphins this year was P. Diddy’s cancellation because he wanted (and didn’t get) a private jet. Note to the ‘Fins PR folks....our humble forecaster would gladly accept a ticket for Greyhound or Amtrak for an all-expenses-paid trip to Dolphin Stadium! Call me!!!! (Whaddaya mean Vindy’s not a celebrity???!!!)

The Minnesota Vikings defensive ends are calling themselves "Salt and Pepper". Meanwhile, the Golden Gophers defensive ends are being referred to as "Saffron and Coriander"!

Indy Racer Danica Patrick wants more women’s items endorsements, including fragrances. We’re thinkin’ Midnight on Pit Row, Skoal #5 and Burning Rubber aren’t gonna’ be big marketing winners!

"Wish I Had That One Back": Yep...we called the "wish" pick on the Kentucky-MSU game!

"Locked in a Box?": Vin took it in the "lock" shorts again as Virginia lost SU to NC State (6-3, .667).

Shoppe Talk: Gators now 1-6 after having their cocktail glasses shattered by Georgia.

Vindy’s Week 10 Best Bets: Last Week: 2-2 Season: 12-25-1 (.324)
BOWLING GREEN -7 over Akron, Ball State +6 ½ over INDIANA, East Carolina -5 over MEMPHIS, Texas El-Paso -7 over RICE, Weeziana Tech -4 over IDAHO

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Vindy's Picks Week 9-2007


WASHINGTON, District of Columbia (UPI)....The U. S. Air Force gave the boot to seventy servicemen and servicewomen this past weekend in the wake of a recent, highly-publicized mishandling of Vindy’s Picks. Several weeks worth of the Weber Kid’s live forecasts were flown the width of the country from North Dakota to Louisiana secured to the underside of a B-52 bomber while traditional transport protocol was basically ignored. Of particular concern were Vindy’s “Best Bets” picks, though USAF officials indicated the general population was never truly in jeopardy because the rubber bands and wax seals that prevent the forecasts from unfurling prematurely and being used for wagering remained in place and were undamaged during the flight, but the incident was serious enough to warrant mandatory notification of the President, the Secretary of Homefield Security and the head of the Gaming Control Board in Vegas. How the picks, clearly marked with skull-and-crossbones and the internationally-recognized “radioactive” symbol, were mistakenly identified as harmless, outdated picks scheduled for decommission and loaded onboard is still under investigation.

The prophets’ pantheon smiled down upon your host in Week Seven as Vin registered a Thursday night forecast dubya with his upset call of Rutgers over South Florida en route to a 7-9 finish (64-80-3, .444). Musta’ been the sacrifice of that Pina Colada, that is...and the numerous other libations Vindicator poured right in the middle of the sportsbook floor (of course, then security came and hauled the Weber Kid downtown and it wasn’t real pretty after that. Vin was, however, eventually released on his own recognizance [because nobody else at the station recognized our famous forecaster!] and got home in time for kickoff! People know Vindy’s name, but not always his face. That’s why he carries this...the American Express card)...but we digress, so let’s get back to...


#2 Boston College over #8 VIRGINIA TECH taking 3 1/2:
Eagles held the Hokies to a mere FG in last year’s 22-3 win and have no fear of Blacksburg. If BC’s gonna’ falter, its best chance to do so is right here (though a dangerous trek to College Park awaits). Figure the odds of back-to-back Thursday forecast wins for your humble narrator...BC 24 Tech 23

SAT. OCT. 27
#24 PENN STATE over #1 Ohio State taking 4:
While the Buckeyes have taken five of the last seven straight up from PSU, but both Lions’ wins came at home and OSU’s last cover in Happy Valley was 1997. Vindicator would absolutely delight in the BCS chaos that would ensue should the Nifty Lions pull yet another major upset in a season littered with the unthinkable... Lions 13 Buckeyes 12

#3 Louisiana State: IDLE (next @ Alabama)

#4 Oklahoma: IDLE (next vs. Texas A&M)

#5 OREGON over #9 (tie) Southern Cal giving 3: SoCal has beaten the Mallards the last two years by a combined 80-23 and is seemingly immune to the atmosphere at the Autzen Zoo, covering 5 of last 6 there. These aren’t your older cousin’s Trojans and the Ducks have plenty of speed on defense and firepower on offense to finally get past USC ...Quack Attack 34 Troy 29

#25 RUTGERS over #6 West Virginia taking 6: Upon further review, Vindy incorrectly attributed one of Rutgers’ two SU losses in 2006 to South Florida. Those two losses actually came at Cincinnati and at Morgantown to these Mountaineers! WVU is now 13-5 against the line as road chalk since start of 2002 season, though only 1-1 on the Jersey Turnpike...WVU 27 Scarlet Knights 24

#7 ARIZONA STATE over #18 California giving 3: Bears have bent State’s collective pitchfork four straight times, winning (and covering) by 17, 28, 27 and 28 points, respectively. Devils come in off a bye, Berkeley comes in off loss to UCLA. Devils’ defense is improving. After holding only 5 opponents below three touchdowns last season, State has already kept 6 of 7 foes under 21 points to-date...ASU 29 Cal 24

#9 (tie) Florida over #20 Georgia giving 9 (@ Jacksonville): While Kentucky committed some tactical and execution errors, Gators put 45 on the scoreboard without the benefit of a single Wildcats turnover. Lotsa’ luck to Dawgs defenders as they attempt to drag down Mack Truck-dressed-in-quarterback’s-clothing Tim Tebow... Florida 35 Joja’ 20

CONNECTICUT over #11 South FLORIDA taking 4 1/2: Sled Dogs have covered 7 of last 8 at home vs. conference teams and 5 of 6 overall this year. Bulls yielding almost 18 ppg. UConn giving up a little over 13 ppg. Having reached BCS #2 spot, how will the youngsters from Tampa handle the balloon-popping loss to Rutgers and yet another trip to cold New England? With an outright victory, Sled Dogs would remain alone atop the Big Least, one game ahead of WVU-Rutgers winner. With or without a controversial punt return...USF 25 Huskies 22

#12 Kansas over TEXAS A&M giving 2: Even in close games between these two since 1998, ‘Hawks have come up just short. Baggies clobbered Huskers team that may have quit on Coach Callahan, but never got off the bus two weeks at Texas Tech, costing Vindy a three-team wager. Jayhawks coach Mark Mangino said he first learned about Dennis Franchione’s secret newsletter to Aggies boosters from Dick Cheney, forgot it, then learned about it again from NBC News reporter Tim Russert. Ridin’ Kansas’ 6-0 ATS win streak...Kansas 23 A&M 17

#13 MISSOURI over Iowa State giving 28: ‘Clones actually took this one straight-up last season as a two-TD dog (one of three total ATS wins for State in 2006) to close last year in the wake of six previous outright defeats. A cover by the Tigers locks in their first winning spread record sine 2003...MO 44 ISU13

#14 KENTUCKY over Mississippi State giving 13 ½: Best guess for “wish I had it back”. We’d have given the Bulldogs a chance here had the Wildcats actually succeeded in their late comeback effort vs. Florida. Another long day for State...KY 48 MSU 16

#15 South Carolina over TENNESSEE taking 3: Gamecocks are 62nd nationally in passing offense, but 98th in rushing O. Tennessee has all of 9 sacks and 5 picks thru 7 games (102nd and 99th, respectively). Not sure what’s with the Chickens on offense of late, but we figure they’ll come to play against a major threat to their shot at SEC East crown...Chick-Fil-A 19 Rocky Top 16

New Mexico State over #16 HAWAII taking 27 1/2: Aggies have already been smoked on the road by Auburn and Boise. We’;re not sure, however, that Brennan can go the whole game on the bad ankle and ‘Bows aren’t as prolific with back-up Tyler Graunke at the helm. Aggies have enough to swap sevens with Hawaii...for awhile...Aloha 52 NMSU 27

Nebraska over #17 TEXAS taking 21: If the Corn Flakes can tack on a FG (or two) to recent mediocre performances and the Black & Blue Shirts can hold the Steers around the mid-30's...’Horns 36 Big Dread18

#19 MICHIGAN over Minnesota giving 23 1/2: Do ya think these two Big Tenuous conference teams will hold a joint pre-game pow-wow to swap horror stories about losing to I-AA teams?!!! Three of last four have been decided by a FG (last season’s game finished with a 14-point margin). Gerbils defensive woes suggest Wolverines could breach 50. UM goes for the Little Brown Jugular... Big Blue 49 Minny 7

#21 Virginia over NC STATE giving 3: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Wolfpack off it’s inaugural win of da’ season for Tom O’Brien, who probably looks in the mirror each morning and chides himself for leaving Chestnut Hill...Cavs 27 NCSU 17

#22 Alabama: IDLE (next vs. LSU)

Mississippi over #23 AUBURN taking 17: Tigers on 5-0 ATS run but return home after pair of bruising tilts on the road at Arkansas and Baton Rouge. Four picks hurt the Rebels last week. Ole Miss has recent history of covering nicely when playing a Top 25 team and were competitive in home losses to Mizzou, Florida and ‘Bama...Auburn 24 Mississippi 13

Vindy takes a bow and signs a few autographs after the Bison of I-AA North Dakota State fulfilled his Week Seven prophecy by beating the Gilded Gerbils of Minnesota straight up...27-21!

After drawing 15 flags for 131 penalty yards in Notre Dame game, BC spent off-week adopting yellow as an official team color. Eagles first year coach Jeff Jagodzinski took a page from Red Sox player Manny Ramirez and created a stir among the Eagles Nation by saying , “Winning the National Title ain’t everything!”

Trojans’ plane to South Bend last week dropped like a shoulda’-been-Terrell Owens-pass-reception! BTW, given the number of intentional throws into the stands made by Jimmy Clausen vs. Boston College, we’re not surprised Coach Weis changed QBs for the USC game last week!

Coach Paterno allegedly exchanged a few “niceties” with another motorist who did him wrong on a campus road recently. Did the Weber Kid happen to mention that 2007 is the 50th anniversary of Cat In Da’ Hat, the 100th anniversary of the invention of plastic (consumers of unbreakable stadium bottles of brew rejoice!) and the bi-centennial celebration of JoPa’s first driver’s license???!!!

This summer, the Russians split a gut racing to plant a flag on the Arctic Ocean floor to stake their claim to the North Pole. Imagine their surprise when the Comrades discovered the offenses of Florida International and Notre Dame had already beaten them to it!!!!

The ex-girlfriend of BoSox pitcher Josh Beckett sang the national anthem to open Game Five of the American League Championship Series. Country singer Danielle Peck looked Beckett square in the eye and belted out, “Ohhhhh....whennnnn... willlll.... Iiiiiiiiii... seeeeeee....any allllllll-iiiii-moohhhh-neeeeeeee?!!!!”

With the World Series between the Red Sox and Rockies being played in two very cold-weather climates this year, Games 6 and 7 could hinge on which hurler’s got the more-effective snowball!

Last January, a hit-and-run driver veered into Shaquille O’Neal’s SUV. He was chased and eventually caught by the NBA star, but that’s takin’ Hack-a-Shaq just a bit to the extreme, dontcha’ think??!

“Locked in a Box?”: Those Eugene Decoys run Vindy’s lock record to 6-2 (.750) after whackin’ the Huskies.

Shoppe Talk: So many swords and shields, so little time as the Trojans hang around at 1-6. The Gators and Gamehens make the menu at 1-5 each!

Vindy’s Week 9 Best Bets: Last Week: 1-3 Season: 10-23-1 (.303)
Last Spring, The Sporting News used Maggie the monkey to pick each round of the NHL playoffs (via wheel spin). Guess who’s pickin’ this week’s “best bets”!!!!!
ECU -14 over Alabama-Birmingham, Central Michigan -2 1/2 over KENT STATE, Michigan State -3 ½ over IOWA, MARYLAND +3 ½ over Clemson

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Vindy's Picks Week 8-2007


The Vegas Vindicator launched into rhetoric about "acts of aggression by the NCAA" this week after getting diplomatic heat from the governing body of college sports to "cease and desist" on production of his weekly forecast. A defiant Weber Kid said he wouldn’t consider stoppage of the forecast "until 25 million dollars of frozen released". Experts say the picks could lead to escalation of a prediction race in an already-unstable southwest region of the country. The NCAA wants inspectors to have full access to dice, crystal balls, darts, tea leaves and other prognosticating components by bowl season and is sending in Condi Rice, a former member of Vindicator’s preseason forecasting strategy team, as an envoy to try to resolve the conflict peacefully. The two will meet at a high-profile ice rink in the Vegas Valley and Vindicator is reportedly "sharpening his skates" for the Secretary of State’s visit.

It’s all moot anyway because in the wake of Week Seven’s 8-12-1 (57-71-3 .445), in which Vin picked 17 faves in 21 games and opened 0-2 again heading into Saturday’s games, the Sin City Soothsayer wandered down to San Diego, where he buried his crystal ball (and the Ferret up to his neck) in the sand, launched his darts into the Pacific, poured his tea leaves into Shamu’s mouth and tossed his dice across the border into Tijuana (where our perplexed prognosticator also underwent surgery to have his stomach stapled to avoid anymore of those "gut feeling" choices!). Unable to believe his eyes or ears any longer, Vindy spent this week in a sensory -deprivation chamber, preparing for...


RUTGERS over #2 South Florida taking 2 1/2:
Bulls were responsible for one of two straight up losses for the 2006 Knights. Does anyone want to win the National Title? Anyone? Anyone?!! Vindy’s now 2-5 on Thursday night. What’s the worst that can happen?!...Garden State Parkway Paladins 24 USF 23

SAT. OCT. 20
#1 OHIO STATE over Michigan State giving 17:
UDUB is the only Buckeyes opponent to put double-digits on the scoreboard. Spartans haven’t beaten OSUsince ‘99. Barring those nasty turnovers that have tripped up other Top Ten squads to-date...Buckeyes 38 MSU 17

#3 Boston College: IDLE (next @ Virginia Tech 10/25)

#4 Oklahoma over IOWA STATE giving 28 ½: Sooners need to get the kicking game squared away, having not one, not two, but three (count ‘em, THREE) failed extra point attempts in win over Mizzou. Shouldn’t hamper Oklahoma here though...OK 45 Cyclones 9

#18 Auburn over #5 LSU taking 11: Last three Tigers-Bengals matches were decided by 1, 3 and 4 points. Aubie took it last year 7-3 and has won 12 of last 16 games outright when the final margin was 7 or less. SEC West suddenly looks tenuous...LSU 13 Auburn 10

#6 SOUTH CAROLINA over Vanderbilt giving 13: Vin throws his forecaster’s challenge flag on the sportsbook counter after Gamehens failed to cover a mere 6-point line at North Carolina. The South was up 21-3 at halftime, then suddenly went dormant offensively and defensively, coached by someone who revels in running up the score, with superior athletes and limited players to substitute since they were on the road???!!! ‘Heels posted 12 points in the final 15 minutes???!!! Meanwhile, THIS week...the Admirals are 8-3 ATS in last 11as road dogs ... Poultry 29 Vandy 13

#7 Oregon over WASHINGTON giving 11: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Only hint to this smallish line is Huskies’ fine effort two weeks ago while hosting the Trojans and fact that four of last five between these clubs were played in Eugene...Decoys 37 Dogs 17

#8 KENTUCKY over #14 Florida taking 7: The State of Florida decided to restore felons’ rights immediately after sentences are served. The news was met with cheers by the Crocs, ‘Canes and ‘Noles; and the Cincinnati Bengals saw a major surge in requests for trades to the Dolphins!...Wildcats 29 Gators 27

#9 WEST VIRGINIA over Mississippi State giving 23 1/2: Mountaineers have beaten the line in 8 of last 11 in Morgantown, including last season’s win as 21-point chalk over these Bulldogs (what a strange non-conference scheduling, BTW). West Virginia 4-0 ATS against non-conference foes in 2007. Big trip to New Joisey up next, but... Mounties 34 State 6

#10 California @ UCLA: OFF

#11 Virginia Tech: IDLE (next vs. Boston College 10/25)

#12 Arizona State: IDLE (next vs. Cal)

NOTRE DAME over #13 Southern Cal taking 18: Irish have piled up one outright shocker and three point-spread victories via multiple flags and turnovers by the opposition, but Troy is in a major funk...USC 24 ND 16

#15 (tie) MISSOURI over #22 Texas Tech giving 3 ½: Red Raiders are 5-12 ATS since ‘02 when playing ranked teams. Tigers have been making nice annual strides in reducing points allowed and were gradually doing so this season until hitting Oklahoma. Tech has yielded only 31 total points over the last three, but those all occurred at home vs. NW State, Iowa State and Texas A&M...Mizzou 38 Texas Tech 29

#15 (tie) Kansas over COLORADO giving 4: CU’s probation for providing extra meals to players probably got reduced following win over Oklahoma. Another victory would give the Bison back their burgers and scholarships altogether (and would secretly transfer the probation to Colorado State!). History favors the Buffs, but it’s been a Bizarro world of college football this year...Jayhawks 30 Rocky Mountain Heimlich Manuever 24

#17 Hawaii: IDLE (next vs. New Mexico State)

#19 Texas over BAYLOR giving 25: Steers just walloped Iowa State, who shows more improvement than Baylor. Including last season’s 63-31 game, the average final score for last 8 meetings is Texas 53-7. Adjusting for ‘Horns regressions and Bears very nominal gains, we’ll call it... TX 43 Baylor 13

ALABAMA over #20 Tennessee giving 1: Our apologies to Tennessee, who got left off of last week’s forecast because Ferret posted teams in the Coaches Poll not the AP Poll! Coach Saban was 1-1 SU and 2-0 ATS in his only two games with LSU vs. Rocky Top. Tide hasn’t covered since 9/8 trip to Vanderbilt and last four games do not inspire great confidence in ‘Bama. The road has been unkind to Tennessee though.. In OT...Alabama 23 Vols 20

#21 Georgia: IDLE (next vs. Florida @ JAX)

#23 Cincinnati over PITT giving 10: A shipwreck was found recently off the Alaskan coast. Turned out to be the Panthers football team! Not sure if pass play called (and converted) by Dave Wannstedt on 4th-and-1at Pitt’s own 20 in a tie game with three minutes left against Navy was attempt to show faith in his team or a sign of resignation for the year. Might be a different choice if this was the NFL. It ain’t...Bearkats 31 U.S.S. Panthers 16

ILLINOIS over #24 Michigan taking 3: Illini have their best shot this decade to upend the Wolverines. Michigan is no bargain as road favorites and failed in its only away-chalk role this year. If Illinois can protect the pigskin... Illini 17 Big Blue 16

#25 Kansas State over OKLAHOMA STATE taking 3: Thought about this for "lock". Curious line, though the Cowpokes do have two SU wins and three covers in the Big 12. We think the wrong side is laying points here...K-State 41 Oklahoma State 34


I-AA UPSET ALERT: North Dakota State outright over MINNESOTA! Bison (6-0 thus far) lost 10-9 last year to the Gophers and belted Central Michigan 44-14 on the road earlier this season.

Among the taunts e-mailed this week by Charlie Weis to Pete Carroll: "Don’t make me go all ‘Stanford" on your butt!"

Last week’s issue of ESPN Da’ Mag noted Giants LB Chase Blackburn hurt his eardrum after being bumped by a reporter while using a Q-Tip. Thank goodness the New York defender wasn’t using a suppository instead (which would’ve resulted in a flag for illegal blockage in the backfield and a penalty of half the distance to the gonad!)

Cardinals QB Matt Leinart suffered a season-ending injury last Sunday. That’s okay, he can fall back on his endorsement deal with Polaroid. Guess he’ll only be lining up in the snapshot gun formation!

Michael Vick’s jersey just got ousted from a glass display shelf at his old high school. Seems Vick’s attorneys can’t even win a trophy case for him these days!

In March, NFL team owners meeting tweaked some game rules, including removal of the penalty for unintentionally hitting a lineman with a pass (but doing so intentionally is still considered a personal foul). Also, a player can no longer score a TD without the ball going over the pylon (so the base of the pylon has been enlarged to three square yards!)

In February, players for the American Hockey League’s Syracuse Crunch promised to shave their heads if Britney Spears accepted a free trip to upstate NY to watch them play. They also offered free game tix to any woman who shaved her head. How ‘bout a similar deal for fans or players who show up panty-less??!!

"Wish I Had That One Back": Yep, Vindicator said, "Looks almost too easy" before picking South Carolina to cover at UNC.

"Locked in a Box?": South Carolina’s failed cover drops the tally to 5-2 (.714).

Shoppe Talk: It’s Californication in the Shoppe this week as USC hangs around at 1-5!

Vindy’s Week 8 Best Bets: Last Week: 0-4 (0-7-1 last two weeks...MEDIC!!) Season: 9-20-1 (.310)
ECU -4 over North Carolina State, Nevada-Reno -7 over UTAH STATE, NEBRASKA -2 over Texas A&M, Army +25 ½ over JOJA’ TECH

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Vindy's Picks Week 7-2007


COLLEGE STATION, Texas (CNN)....Discovery of secret e-mails this week from an unidentified source in Stockholm, Sweden revealed that local Texas A&M boosters were not only paying to get the first look at previously-unreleased injury information each week for the hometown Aggies football team from head coach Dennis Franchione, but were also privy to advance naming of Nobel Prize winners. The boosters, noted an anonymous Nobel committee official, apparently forked over "a truckload of Kronor (the national Swedish currency)" to find out who’s getting the prestigious medals and accompanying purses for each category before the official announcements were made. Rumors also suggest these same folks have clandestine arrangements to be in the early loop for designation of recipients of the Heisman Trophy and other post-season football awards, the Oscars and yes, even the new pontiff whenever the College of Cardinals needs to tally the next set of votes for its own MVP!

Off the horrible 5-11 snafu for last week (49-59-2, .454), our odious oracle grabs some pine long enough to have the shrapnel extracted from card...and calls upon his favorite fuzzy forecaster, the Budweiser Ferret, to pinch-hit during...


#21 Florida State over WAKE FOREST giving 6:
Upon further review, the bean-counters in Vindy’s accounting department revealed that the Weber Kid is actually 2-4 on Thursday night attempts (previously forgetting a second W on the opening Thursday of the season and incorrectly adding a Friday night loss to the mix). Nonetheless, even Ferret won’t touch this one. The coin likes...’Noles 20 Wake Forest 10

FRI. OCT. 12
#16 Hawaii over SAN JOSE STATE giving 18 1/2:
The "logic" of this season thus far dictates that Ferret call another major upset here! OK, we ain’t doin’ that, but we have....a conspiracy theory! The New England Patriots have been masquerading as Colorado and Stanford the last two weeks and might don the Spartans unis this Saturday! Guards of the Grass Skirts are relying on second-stringer at quarterback. Baaaaaaaaah! Aloha 45 Spartans 24

SAT. OCT. 13
#1 Louisiana State over #18 KENTUCKY giving 9:
Bayou Bengals have "floundered" to three straight spread defeats after opening with a trey of ATS wins. Les Miles makes his first visit to Lexington as LSU’s head coach. His predecessor, Mr. Saban, got no line joy in his three trips here. ‘Cats did well until encountering an opponent with a solid defense...LSU 35 KY 19

#2 CAL over Oregon State giving 14: Bears have lost 6 of last 8 outright to the Beavers, but whacked State hard last year. We’d consider OSU’s revenge factor here, but it just lost main-man WR Sloughter for the duration... Berkeley 30 Beavers 10

#3 OHIO STATE over Kent State giving 30 1/2: Buckeyes yielded only a safety to another MAC squad, Akron, earlier, but that cost ‘em the cover. Three turnovers were probably the only reasons Buckeyes didn’t blow Purdue out last week. Kent’s last game in Columbus resulted in a 51-17 spanking. Flashes lost by 36 at Kentucky, who doesn’t have the defense that OSU does...Buckeyes 48 Kent 7

#4 Boston College over NOTRE DAME giving 14: Eagles have taken 5 of last 6 straight up from their fellow Catholics. Golden Domers are 4th nationally in pass defense (ypg). Duh! When opponents rush for about 190 yards per game, why put it up much? Irish football players are so young, CPS recently took them away from Britney Spears and awarded custody to Kevin Federline! ...BC 37 ND 17

Central Florida over #5 SOUTH FLORIDA taking 12: Atlantic City mayor Robert Levy has gone missing under investigation for fibbing about his Vietnam service as a Green Beret. Take a peek at the Central Florida sideline. He’s down there with Marion Jones and the rest of the fakers! Looking for more of that Sunshine State rivalry magic ...Bulls 23 Knights 13

#11 Missouri over #6 OKLAHOMA taking 10: Preview of the Big 12 title game in December. Sooners backfield is so young, it’s being adopted by Angelina Jolie! We’ll back the Tigers on basis of last week’s trashing of Nebraska and neutral-site win over Illinois, who has recently dispatched rising Indiana, Penn State and Wisky... OK 31 Mizzou 27

#7 USC over Arizona giving 21: Even the mighty Troy Boys can be defeated when yielding five turnovers on the road. "Cats not showing the experience of their returning starters on defense, allowing 6 ppg more than they did this time last season...USC 52 AZ 24

Washington State over #8 OREGON taking 18: We think the Pats were playing defense for the Mallards during the first half of the Cal game, then hopped the bus outta’ town before the start of the 3rd Quarter! Oregon 21-14 ATS vs. other PAC-10 teams in last four-plus years, but this has track-meet scribbled all over it...Ducks 41 Wazzou 35

#9 West Virginia: IDLE (next vs. Mississippi State)

#10 Virginia Tech over DUKE giving 13 1/2: Forget prepping for the Hokies offense. Durham coaches should be breaking down film of Tech’s special teams! Back in March, a Duke grad invented a beer-tossing mini-refrigerator. The ‘fridge reportedly threw for 216 yards with three touchdowns in the Blue Devils spring game and competed for the starting QB spot during August drills...Hokies 24 Studs With Suds 7

#12 South Carolina over NORTH CAROLINA giving 6 1/2: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Looks almost too easy. Tarheels celebrating last week’s emotional win over former coach. UNC kept the ‘Canes off the scoreboard for entire first half courtesy of four interceptions. We suspect there’ll be three or four picks goin’ the opposite direction this week...Gamecocks 27 North of the Border 10

#13 ARIZONA STATE over Washington giving 12: UDUB rested for a week, but still might be flat off taking SoCal to the edge (BTW, the Sled Dogs are takin’ credit for "softening up" the Trojans for...[GASP!] Stanford!)... ASU 38 Huskies 23

#14 Florida: IDLE (next @ Kentucky)

PENN STATE over #15 Wisconsin giving 6 ½: Part heart, part head on this choice. Badgers 0-2 ATS on the road this year. Lions are #4 nationally in sacks. Despite cutting down the totals from last season, Wisky is still only #51 in the country in sacks allowed. Might be like lookin’ in a mirror for State...Cheese-Heads dropped a game they probably shouldn’t have to Illinois and will lose a second straight conference tilt here...Lions 23 Badgers 15

#17 CINCINNATI over Louisville giving 10 1/2: The Syracuse upset over the Cards is quickly tarnishing. Redbirds have major issues on defense. The chalk has covered 8 of last 10 between these clubs. Louisville’s held a ranking in 34 of 35 games since early 2004 and is 3-1 against the line in same timeframe against ranked teams... Bearkats 48 Louisville 27

#19 Illinois over IOWA giving 3 ½: Illini are banged up but still have momentum of toppling a pair of upper-tier conference teams, as noted earlier. Hawkeyes continue to disappoint...Illinois 27 Iowa 17

#20 KANSAS over Baylor giving 24 1/2: Bears are 10-12 against the number as road dog over prior four-plus seasons and lost by 27 at TCU, 24 at A&M and 20 at home to the Buffaloes. Jayhawks have not converted their last six ATS tries following K-State, but all half-dozen were against the better clubs of the conference ...Kansas 48 Baylor 10

#22 Texas over IOWA STATE giving 16 1/2: Doubts arose recently about the authenticity of a letter, allegedly the final one written by Davy Crockett at the Alamo. Experts considered the scribing to be the real deal until they turned it over and found the words, "Take the Longhorns and lay da’ points!"...Steers 35 Cyclones 13

#23 Georgia over VANDERBILT giving 7: Dawgs have spent past decade beating Vandy by roughly 10 to 30 points except for 2006's two-point win by the ‘Dores in Athens. Weber was so disgusted with Tennessee’s 21-zip lead very early into 2nd Quarter, he tuned into AMC to watch the Duke in "The Fightin’ Seabees" instead!... Joja’ 29 Vandy 17

MICHIGAN over #24 Purdue giving 6: Best guess for "wish I had it back" pick. Boilers were plus-2 in turnover ratio, but just ten seconds away from being shutout at home by the Buckeyes. Other than romp over Notre Dame, Big Blue isn’t impressing anybody in its outings either, though 4-0 SU run with victory over the Lions counts for something...Michigan 31
Purdue 20

#25 Auburn over ARKANSAS taking 3: Interesting line. ‘Hogs three wins have been over Troy (of Alabama), North Texas and AA squad Tennessee-Chattanooga, all at home...Tigers 20 Soooeeey Pigs 14

BTW, Vindy’s keepin’ this week’s injuries and name of the starting forecaster under wraps until game day. Oh damn...we already blew that, didn’t we? (Oh crap...we coulda’ got big bucks from those Aggie boosters too...or at least a case of Corona!)

We’re told Spears has been granted visitation rights on alternate weekends with those Notre Dame players!

Irish need to win at least 5 of last 6 to make the post-season. Brewers had PEEINYOURPANTS.COM where fans pledged to do just that if Milwaukee made the playoffs. Vindy institutes HURLINYOURHELMET.COM if the Leprechauns go to a bowl!

Scouting report on the beer-tossin’ fridge is that it has poor mobility, but can find the open-container receiver downfield or 10 rows deep in the stands, given time to throw!

We mentioned this dynamic duo earlier this season and it bears repeating with an update...Duke and Temple are now a combined 9-3 ATS to-date!

OK, that "spidey-sense tingling" from last week’s Boston College-Bowling Green breakdown turned out to be nothin’ more than Vindicator’s Rogaine doing its thing!

The UNLV engineering department is designing a special vehicle seat cushion that protects soldiers from explosions. Now if they could just develop something similar that would afford the Rebels QB the same defense when the O-line implodes around him!

"Wish I Had That One Back": We’d sure like a mulligan on the Kentucky-South Carolina call from last Thursday!

"Locked in a Box?": The Hokies of Virginia Tech send Vin’s lock record soaring to 5-1 (.833). Takin’ Tech was one of the very few things Vindy did correctly last week!

Shoppe Talk: The Gators return and the USC Trojans wander in as well, both at 1-4 (but frankly, if we could figure out how to mount a day of the week, Thursday night would be a season-long fixture at the Shoppe!)

Vindy’s Week 7 Best Bets: Last Week: 0-3-1 Season: 9-16-1 (.360)
COLORADO STATE -3 ½ over Air Force, NORTHWESTERN -7 over Minnesota, MISSISSIPPI STATE +9 ½ over Tennessee, TULSA -14 over Marshall

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Vindy's Picks Week 6-2007


WASHINGTON, District of Columbia (Reuters)....Want to be part of "We, the People...", then "know the pigskin" say administrators of the latest U.S. citizenship exam. Under fire for test questions that are reportedly "too easy" or "irrelevant", the Department of Homeland Security altered the exam to include facets of popular American sports culture. Citizen-wannabes now have to "tackle" such questions as "How many games make up the BCS Bowls?", "Name an SEC team." and "What actor led the inmates to a gridiron victory over the guards in the movie "The Longest Yard"? Applicants can also score extra points for correctly answering such trivia as , "In what city does Duke play its home games?"and "If you get thrown under ‘The Bus’, what former Steeler runs you over?" (Answers later in this forecast).

Vindicator’s still in the red, but crawling back toward the black after Week Five’s 11-9-1 (44-48-2, .478)...and let’s face it, test questions about United States political history just aren’t as exciting as the ones that will be asked about...


#8 Kentucky over #11 SOUTH CAROLINA taking 3 1/2:
‘Cats hot enough to generate steam on the polar cap. Though SC is the more battle-tested of the two, the Poultry didn’t put Mississippi State away until the 4th Quarter. Kentucky is 4-0 ATS thus far and covered 9 of last 10 back to ‘06 season. WARNING... our forecaster extra ordinaire has correctly picked the spread winner only once in five Thursday night chances this season. (And that one correct pick was back in Week One!)...KY 24 Carolina 23

#1 Louisiana State over #9 FLORIDA giving 9:
Bengals have allowed a total of 22 points in first five games. Gators allowing average of nearly 20 ppg. State did miss the cover at Tulane and are one of the few top teams to not stumble thus far. Figure the LSU defense to neutralize Tebow and force someone else from Florida to beat it...Tigers 31 Florida 20

#2 SOUTHERN CAL over Stanford giving 38 1/2: Cards’ one remaining SU win left on the schedule is...Notre Dame on November 24. Trojans marching band played the intro to this year’s College Jeopardy Championship...but didn’t play it in the form of a question and will be replaced next year by the UCLA marching band...Troy 51 Trees 6

#3 California: IDLE (next vs. Oregon State)

#4 Ohio State over #23 PURDUE giving 7: Big Ten has certainly been a bit outta’ whack, but Buckeyes seem to be the one constant. Boilers 2-8 ATS last 10 vs. ranked teams and we give the edge to State for decent road triumph at Washington....Buckeyes 33 Purdue 24

#5 Wisconsin over ILLINOIS taking 2: We thought about this choice for lock. Despite 4-1straight up run, Illini still 12-39 SU over last 4+ seasons. No question, Badgers are walkin’ on the edge of the razor blade, but all they have to do is win here. Wisky hasn’t lost in Champaign since 2001. Lions out-gained Illini by almost a C-note, but coughed it up four times...Cheese-heads 20 Illini 16

FLORIDA ATLANTIC over #6 South Florida taking 15 1/2: Hey look!..It’s those Owls again! FAU has failed to cover in the last 9 times it got double-digits outside the Sun Belt. Only one of those games was at home however and that was in early 2005. Not a look-ahead spot for the Bulls, but they did struggle badly to beat Florida International and Central Florida in 2006, plus they’re off the draining Big Least win against West Virginia...USF 27 Owls 13

Bowling Green over #7 BOSTON COLLEGE taking 20 1/2: Spidey-sense tingling... whispering "upset". Maybe Eagles are licking their chops for next week’s shot at redemption against fledgling Irish. Falcons have already toppled the Gophers away and lost respectably at Michigan State...BC 28 BGU 24

#10 Oklahoma over #19 Texas giving 11 (@Dallas): Sooners 5-2 SU/ATS, but 0-2 SU/ATS last two Red River Shootouts. Raise yer hand if ya saw the Bison upset comin’!!!!! Sooners have two redshirt freshmen and a sophomore starting in the backfield. For those who’ve seen the commercial..."A stain, Oklahoma?! A Buffalo stain?! How DARE you disrespect Vindy, your COUNtry and your MA-ma!!!"...Daggone Houdinis 34 Texas 17

#12 Georgia over #TENNESSEE taking 2: This one got "lock" consideration too. Vols 2-5 ATS last 7 vs. Joja’ and giving up about 37 points per game, so unless the strategy is to win a track meet with the Bulldogs, Rocky Top needs a new plan...UGA 34 Tennessee 20

#13 West Virginia over SYRACUSE giving 25: Pat White may not start at QB for the Mountaineers. Orange 10-4 ATS vs. ranked teams since 2004, including "Holy crap!" upset over Louisville. ‘Cuse lost this one last season by 24 ...Mounties 41 Syracuse 13

#14 Oregon: IDLE (next vs. Washington State)

#15 Virginia Tech over #22 CLEMSON taking 5 ½: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. Hokies quietly regaining their composure (and their season) with three straight wins after disaster in Baton Rouge. Make it four...Tech 16 Clemson 9

#16 HAWAII over Utah State giving 40: ‘Bows are 15-8 ATS last 4 years on the Island. Aggies left whatever they had on the field last week, covering in the only game that really matters to them...Utah. Credit the Rainbow Warriors defense for last week’s cover, turning two of Idaho’s five interceptions into "pick six". Assuming Team Aloha doesn’t turn it over itself another six times (like it did last week), Hawaii should grab the spread win. Aggies are, however, 2-2-1 against the number. ‘Bows need the 60's again. They get it...HI 63 USU 20

#25 Nebraska over #17 MISSOURI taking 6 1/2: Hard to overlook Tigers’ 9-13-2 ATS record in the Big 12 last 3 years. Another test defensively for Nebraska. Children of the Corn on 0-4 ATS streak, but we like ‘em straight up here anyway ...Big Red 34 Mizzou 29

#18 Arizona State over WASHINGTON STATE giving 8 ½: For getting bashed at Arizona last week and wrecking one of Vin’s "best bet" wagers, we’ve asked that the Cougar defense be saddled with those "Hello Kitty" armbands currently being used as marks of shame in Thailand! Nothing to suggest Devils won’t light up Wazzou’s porous stoppers again...ASU 45 WSU 24

#20 Cincinnati over #21 RUTGERS taking 3 1/2: We liked it better when Cincy was gettin’ 6. Big Creased conference might come down to Cincinnati or South Florida this year! Bearkats were in the thick of Knights’ late-2006 collapse, knocking off the State Uni of New Jersey in Cincinnati. Stayin’ with hot Bearkats...WKRP 23 (unless you’re a Loni Anderson fan, look it up on the ‘Net!) Rutgers 20

#24 KANSAS STATE over Kansas giving 3: Collectively, these two are 6-0 against the line to-date. Fightin’ Manginos have the offense (and defense) in fine shape, appropriately smoking weaker opponents. State’s only blemish is 10-point defeat at Auburn. History tips this in favor of the host squad...’Cats 27 Birds 20

Ummmm...did anybody else watchin’ the Ducks-Bears game hear one of the ESPN-on-ABC announcers say the ball "stuck to his fingers like Teflon" following a nice catch with outstretched digits by an Oregon receiver early in the game?! Yep, Vindy always reaches for the Teflon spray when he wants something to stick!

Referencing that same game, until an announcer noted the little yellow bars under each team name on the ever-present scoreboard-and-down-counter TV inset actually represent the number of time-outs each team has available, Vindicator kept wondering if somebody’s cell phone needed to be charged. (Can you cheer me now?)

JoPa said this week he’s not interested in receiving a forfeited win from Michigan if the Wolverines used an ineligible player in State’s 14-9 loss at Ann Arbor. (You tell ‘em, Joe!...We don’t need no stinkin’ forfeit!) Officials at Notre Dame, however, said they’d be "more than happy" to take that victory off Coach Paterno’s hands, free-of-charge and have Charlie Weis standing by to drive from South Bend to Happy Valley and personally pick it up!

In a related story, reassuring his team, the Lions faithful and the media that there wouldn’t be a change under center in light of critical interceptions thrown in the last two games, JoPa kept saying " mean...Anthony... Morelli our quarterback!"

The NHL regular season opened in London this past Saturday. During a game last February, Southern Cal’s goalie mooned the crowd. How Terrell Owens. got between the pipes for the Trojans without detection is still a mystery!

Former net-minder and current coach of the Oklahoma City Blazers hockey team, Doug Sauter, recently thwarted a stampede by biting the ear of a horse. Given the hockey background and uh...special skill...he demonstrated, we’re thinkin’ Doogie’s got a career in boxing!

Responding to a question about whether she would root for her hometown Cubbies or the NY Yankees if they played vs. each other in this year’s World Series, Hillary Clinton said she "would probably have to alternate sides." Yeah okay, we’ve heard that about her, but we still wanna’ know which ballclub the former First Lady would actually cheer in the October Classic!

Evander Holyfield has put out a grill, a la the George Foreman version. We hear it’s great for cookin’ ears...of corn, that is!

Back in July, the NAACP officially buried the "N-word". Who woulda’ thought the word in question was really "Notre (Dame)!"

The folks at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati (home of the NFL’s Bengals) have elected to solve its pigeon problem by shooting the pesky fowl with air rifles. We heard they’re calling in VP Cheney and making some poor beer vendor stand near the flock of birds yelling, "Cooooooooo, coooooooooo!"

Exam answers: 1) Five 2) Pick one (in no particular order): Alabama, Arkansas, Auburn, LSU, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee and Vandy 3) Burt Reynolds 4) Durham, NC 5) Jerome Bettis

Your ranking if you got...
5 correct: Head coach
4 correct: Starting QB
3 correct: Third-string defensive lineman
2 correct: Waterboy
0-1 correct: Special teams tackling dummy

"Locked in a Box?": Vindy’s now hit on 4 of 5 (.800) lock picks courtesy of the Cincinnati Bearkats!

Shoppe Talk: The previously-noted Week Five teams all posted forecast dubya’s (or at least a push in Ohio State’s case), so we welcome those Morganbillies of West Virginia and Vindy’s own Nitwit Lions to the Shoppe, both with a trio of consecutive forecast losses!

Vindy’s Week 6 Best Bets: Last Week: 2-4 (President Bush authorized Vin to invoke executive privilege to avoid explaining this) Season: 9-13 (.409)
UNR -3 1/2 over Fresno State, ARMY -6 1/2 over Tulane, WYOMING -3 over Texas Christian, Idaho +7 over SAN JOSE STATE