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Vindy's Picks Week 11-2021


INDIANANPOLIS, Indiana (TMZ)…#3 North Dakota State against #14 Wisconsin? #6 Citadel vs. #11 Virginia?! #5 Montana State taking on #12 USC??!!  #2 Wofford vs. #4 DePaul???!!! These were just a few unorthodox pairings in the 2021 Big Dance as the NCAA Selection Committee embraced the Dickinson, Texas mayoral balls drawn from a Keno machine to finalize the political result, thus matching losing-record squads with better-quality-opponents in field of 68! The committee, exhausted following determination of qualifying clubs, deferred to the automated system to decide on initial match-ups and regional-locations, rendering traditional seeding-trends and results irrelevant! In addition, the CFP has signed-on to pick its four-qualifiers via that system at the end of the 2021-22 campaign! BTW, sans the Coronavirus, overall-#1 seed UC-Irvine coulda’ been sent to the Eastern Region in Sarasota Springs, New York; Trenton, New Jersey; Hartford, Connecticut or Bangor, Maine! 

Can’t get over the 2-3 hump every week (21-26-1, 446). Can’t remember the last time, if ever, that we took da’ collar on preferred-picks (see Best Bets below) 

Comin’ outta’ da’ “two-minuet warning time-out” and linin’-up with...



(Still cancelling fewer flights than Southwest Airlines!) 

SAT. NOV. 13 

#4 Oklahoma (-5 ½) over #18 BAYLOR: LOCK OF DA’ WEEK. If the loyal-readership only knew how much time we spent flip-flopping between layin’ da’ points and the “over 63”!!! (No diss to da’ Bears meant!). Road-wins vs. home-wins, rushing-D and passing-D tallies are effectively washes. Recent scoring-surge for rested-OK has been acknowledged as the change of QBs from Spencer Rattler to Caleb Williams and Sooners have averaged 48.5 ppg scored over last four contests (ironically with a low of 35 in mere 12-point victory at [GASP!] Kansas [which might eventually be the dagger]), while the points-against continues to drop consistently each match from 48 to 21 last week in that span. Outside of 34-31win last time here, Oklahoma has beaten Baylor by double-digits in the remaining five of the six years. As one of the last trips of 9-0 clubs, Okies need to snatch some brownie-points over a ranked-foe to supplant undefeated Cincy, who’s losing cred on a weekly-basis and gain ground in the CFP rankings (currently at [cue-up Da’ Beatles] ‘number 9number 9)... Boomer Schooner 42 Bears 28 

22 PENN STATE (+1) over #9 Michigan: While Lions’ three-game losing skein (albeit though a pair of those defeats came at Iowa and at Ohio State) before closer-than-score-represents- 31-14 victory over Maryland last week leaves State relegated to somethin’-akin- to the Manischewitz Matzah Ball Bowl in Hartford, Connecticut, pressure is on Jimmy Harbaugh to win here because loss at Michigan State appears even worse than originally after Purdue (whom we’ve recently-seen nicknamed Spoilermakers!) smoked Sparty last Saturday. Lions have taken the win three of last four years and for those lookin’ at the total (48), previous trey finished at 49, 49 and 44. State is currently 6-2 ATS, 8-1 “under” (with a half-dozen at/below the number). Big Frau Bleaucher is 6-3 against the spread with four games beneath 48. Alma Mater has lost outright 7 times in Happy Valley since of 2015. Disregard anomaly 3 defeats in ‘20 and that tally falls to 4 times in 5 seasons...WE ARE 24 Meesigan 19  


Southern Miss (+33) over #15 UTSA: All things considered, “under 54 ½” might be worth a peek, noting SoMiss’ only game higher than this was 49-point loss at ‘Bama. Birds show five contests above the total. However, definite look-ahead spot for Beep-Beep, who hosts UAB (1-game-behind in the division) looming and might not be terribly-interested in anything more than an outright triumph and having the luxury of at-will subs of reserves here. Sufferin’ Meese has yet to cover an FBS game and has just a dubya over FCS Grambling State in the SU win-column. No offense to Western Kentucky or Marshall, both 4-1 SU atop the CUSA-East Division, but Roadrunners have only also 4-1 (a game-back in CUSA-West) as the lone-obstacle left to a conference title the rest of the way. Tarmac Terns might not be terribly-interested here. Phil Steele has host in this series at 0-4 ATS...Alamo Apiary 38 Gilded Iggles 12 

#17 Houston @ TEMPLE (“under 54”): Coogs have strung-together an 8-0 SU run since campaign-opener setback vs. Texas Tech, but prolly aren’t goin’ anywhere special in the post-season, yet won’t likely wanna’ show much of a game-plan to forthcoming opponents and have the chance to rest a bunch of starters ahead of next week’s contest on a short-week against Memphis (Tigers are just one game back of Houston in CUSA-West and bested then-ranked SMU in a game that wasn’t as close as the eventual three-point margin). Barnyard Fowls are on 0-4 SU/ATS slide, losing by average score of 45-8. Owls are caressin’ da’ scoreboard to the tune of less-than-7 ppg over that skid, but we’ve been classically-conditioned by Pavlov and Skinner to be wary of “easy-money” spreads. The extra-credit (-25) wouldn’t buy the Cougars anything significant...Houston 31 Temple 10 

Georgia State @ #22 COASTAL CAROLINA (“over 52): Yes, we’re givin’ da’ None Belt a little air-time here. Chants, who would be justified in petitioning for membership in higher-level Group of Five and a greater post-season destination than the R&L Carrier Bowl in light of recent success the past two-years and the ongoing conference shifts, tallied just a lone 30-27 at Apparition State and crushed the Panthers last year 51-nada. Marc Lawrence points-out host in the series has failed to beat the number the past four meetings. We’re guessin’ Coastal’s 28-8 victory at Statesboro last Saturday was a one-off total-wise. We ain’t swayed by Joja’ State’s recent trey of “unders” that saw 44 or fewer (we do, however, concede GSU had displayed some momentum, winning three in a row before 4-point loss at ranked UL-Lafayette). All five tilts at Brooks Stadiums cleared this easily...Roosters 44 Black Cats 17 


In January, Wolverines’ head coach Jim Harbaugh signed an extension through 2025 at a lower base-salary, given his failure to beat da’ Buckeyes or advance to the conference title game to-date. Well-known for his unorthodox-shenanigans to entice high school and junior-college talent to Ann Arbor, on a dare from a potential-recruit, Coach donned da’ garb, grabbed the ribbon and hit the floor, giving his all in an unsanctioned, exhibition-only event. Harbaugh garnered scores of 9.5, 8.5 and 3.0 by judges from Trinidad-and-Tobago, Canada and Upper Mongolia, respectively. Undeterred, the player-in-question immediately signed a letter-of-intent! (BTW, no truth to da’ rumor Coach was offered a spot on the U.S. Tokyo Olympics squad!)

Are Ya’ Kiddin’ Me Contest of the Week: New Mexico State @ #3 ALABAMA???!!! How does that match-up happen in mid-November??!!! Tuscaloosa U. is fittin’ the male cheerleaders fer pads and helmets ahead of that one (and is still the fave by almost three-scores!). Maybe the Aggies had this on the calendar as a basketball game??!!! 

Is it just us or does bespectacled Phil Simms of State Farm Post-Game Show fame reminiscent of a similarly eyeglass-wearing Burgess Meredith in a certain episode of Twilight Zone??!!


Back in June, Derek Carr cranked up the siren at T-Mobile Arena ahead the Vegas Golden Knights’ Game 3 match vs. the Colorado Avalanche. The Raiders’ QB got a little over-zealous in the process, dislocating his throwing shoulder and was immediately placed on the Injured Reserve List! 

Seattle's expansion hockey club visited Sin City Tuesday. Ahead of that contest, Vindy implored the T-Mobile Arena operator to post “Release Da’ Crackerjack!” on the da’ Jumbo-Tron, inciting the home-fans to throw boxes of the classic popcorn-caramel treat onto the ice after each goal by the Vegas Golden Knights! 

Immediately following conclusion of the 2021 NCAA Tournament Championship game between Gonzaga and Baylor in April, the PA-announcer at Lucas Oil Stadium queued-up...”One Sanitizing Moment”! 

On November 2, the Atlanta Braves dismissed the Houston Astros to claim the 2021 World Series title. Meanwhile, Pat Sajak, with signals from Vanna White, served-up pitches drilled just-short of the HR-stands by hitters on the “Wheel-House of Misfortune”!!! 

Black Shirt: We bestow half-a-chic-chemise each to UDUB QB Dylan Morris fer tossin’ a pick at the Ducks’ 24-yard-line and UDUB RB Sean McGrew fer posting a 1-yard-loss on 4th-and-36-inches at the Mallards’ 24-yard-line to keep the total below the predicted “under 51”! 

Shoppe Talk: We’re drawing a pentagram on the Shoppe floor to entrap the Demon Deacons (0-2, .000), who betrayed us twice in as many tries over the past three weeks! (See our “wish” pick segment below!) 

“Locked in Box”: The Swabbies never got off the ship against the Leprechauns, lowering the “lock” record to 7-3 (.700). 

“Wish We Had It Back”: We’d like to reverse the time-travel piece to change our decision of Wake Forest +2 over UNC in light of our documented vision that “we might very-well rue not going’ with the ‘over 76 ½’ instead”. 

Vindy’s Week 11 Best Bets: Last Week: 0-4 (GASP! We didn’t even get a kiss first! But we know a guy that can Buffy the Vampire-Slayer that one out! [Work with us here!]) Season: 18-22-1 (.450) 

UConn +41 over CLEMSON, Arizona State @ WASHINGTON “under 44 ½”, Air Force –2 ½ over COLORADO STATE, SAN DIEGO STATE –2 ½ over Nevada-Reno                                                                                        

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